Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Oh My Gold holiday collection for 2019

I’ve always been a fan of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel collection.

The line consists of two steps, a colour with built-in base coat, as well as a non-curing top coat that gives you mega shine and long wear, similar to what you would get if you’re getting a gel manicure at the salon. To celebrate all that is glitter and gold, this season the drugstore nail polish brand has released a three-shade collection, all of which are gold shades.

The Oh My Gold! collection has three different glittery gold polishes to choose from. Now, you wouldn’t think that there would be that many ways to wear gold sparkle polish, but Sally Hansen is proving us wrong with this one. Gold Ricks is a metallic gold shade with chunky of holographic glitter, Good as Gold is a flurry of gold glitter in a clear base that really coats the nails, and Five Golden Blings is a clear base with a little flecks of gold that is similar to Good as Gold but has less glitter.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Oh My Gold holiday collection for 2019

All three of these polishes work perfectly as a topper for a more opaque colour, as well as on their own. For the sake of swatching, I did paint these on their own and found that they actually looked really pretty just by themselves. Don’t forget to use the Miracle Gel top coat to set the colour for up to 10 days.

I wish the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel holiday collection came in some other shades as well, but hey, three golds work as well (especially since they are all different). If I had to choose just one to go with, I would definitely pick Good as Gold since it’s really pretty either by itself or over another colour.

swatches of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Oh My Gold holiday collection for 2019

What’s your ideal holiday nail polish collection look like?

Please note, polishes provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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