Clean beauty & crazy colour: Bodygraphy Cosmetics first impressions & review

About a month or so back, I chatted about Bodyography’s Epic Lash Mascara. As mentioned in that post, I actually received it from a coworker who loves that mascara and thought I should try it out. Shortly after posting about it, I was lucky receive a box of other Bodyography products from the brand to dive into and explore.

In case you aren’t familiar with Bodyography (I wasn’t until I got the mascara), the line is 100 per cent cruelty free with a variety of vegan beauty options. You can find their products both online and in a variety of salons (check their online supplier list to find one near you!).

Anyways, since I really like the mascara, I was very excited to receive some other items from the brand and see if they live up to the mascara in terms of wear and performance. Spoiler alert: the stuff is good and keep reading to get the 411 on my thoughts.

Bodyology Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadows Swatches of Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow

Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow

Okay, so the first product was out excited to try out was their Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow ($20), which is a weightless long-lasting liquid eye shadow that gives you liquid-chrome colour.  The formula is vegan and is infused with pure colour pigments and crystal chrome pearls to deliver intense, vibrant colour.

I received three of the six shades to play around with, Moonstone (nude mauve), Citrine (bright gold),and Garnet (burgundy). Generally I like using liquid eyeshadows as a base for the rest of my makeup look, however, these are really pretty by themselves as well.  You can also use them over top of your powder eye look to really make your eyes pop. Although there are only six shades, the colour range is very good and this is the kind of product where you will get a lot of wear out of it.  The product applies via the doefoot applicator and then you can either use your fingers or a blush to blend it out.

Bodyography Glitter Pigments Swatches of Bodyography Glitter Pigments

Glitter Pigments

Perfect for the holidays, the Bodyography Glitter Pigments ($23) are available in 16 different shades. These are a loose cushiony pigment that deliver a pearlescent, high-glitter finish. When you open up the packaging you’ll notice the stopper to press the pigment down and to keep everything nice and clean. Dip your brush or your fingers in the jar and apply the product on your lids (or wherever), where it will glide on nice and silky.

Bodyography sent me two shades, Supernova (blue/green) and Stellar (rose gold copper), and I find these to have more of a sheen to them as opposed to just pure glitter. I find the Marc Jacobs version to be a little more sparkly, but if you are afraid of glitter and just want something more shiny then these would be worthwhile to pick up.

For the lips, take a look at their lip liners ($12 each), which are available in nine different shades. The brand sent me the colour Pouty, which is right up my alley. This pinky peach nude colour matches a lot of lipsticks I already have and glides nicely on the lips, allowing it to perfectly outline your pout.

For a complete lip look, pair the liner with one of their Fabric Texture Lipsticks ($26), which come in six shades. I like matching Pouty with Sateen (mauve grey) for a really pretty pink lip. I also have the shade Velvet (oxblood burgundy) and both shades just glide on the lips and offer a comfortable wear.

These lipsticks offer a demi-matte finish and are lightweight on the lips. Colour goes on incredibly pigmented and moisturizes lips.

Finally, the last item they sent over was their Inner Glow Stick ($26), which is a double-ended highlighter.  This product features a highlighter and an essence, which is supposed to be used on the high points of the skin for a fresh, wet-looking luminance.  You can wear them alone or with each other for the ultimate glow.

The first time I used this I loved the highlight end and was very impressed with how shimmery it looked.  The other end though, although cool and definitely different, I didn’t care for as much. When I applied it over my foundation, as you typically would do with a highlighter, I found the product to be like a Vaseline texture and it wiped off some of my makeup. I would maybe reserve this for days where I wear just a BB cream or a really light foundation to give me that dewy look.

bodyography Inner Glow Stick

Bodyography has a ton more products to choose from and overall I was very impressed with the collection. It’s not the easiest brand to find if you want to take a look at these products in real life, but Bodyography also offers online shopping for their products as well.  If you’re making an order, I highly recommend tossing their Epic Lash into your cart as well.

Have you tried Bodyography products?

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