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Back to Life: A hair refresh with Pantene Expert

I have a confession to make. I put my hair through a lot of stress. Between dying it (going from brunette to blonde is no easy feat), plus all the heat it’s exposed to on a weekly basis and the fact that I’m always tying it up to work out, my hair probably hates me […]

The rooted trend: Flash giveaway with Clairol

Prior to going blonde a couple weeks ago, I was loving my ombre.  I’ve been ombre for a while now and always felt like the trend was just so flattering. Ombre’s been around for quite some time, and what originally just started as a trend, is now a bonafide hair staple.  I think it’s safe to […]

Raise your glass! P!nk concert with Beauty United

On Wednesday I got the opportunity to see one of pop’s baddest bitches, P!nk!  Real name Alicia Moore, P!nk finally hit Winnipeg’s MTS Centre on January 14 (the concert was supposed to be in October but she had to postpone it) for her Truth About Love tour to a sold-out crowd. Since I’m a P&G […]