Raise your glass! P!nk concert with Beauty United


On Wednesday I got the opportunity to see one of pop’s baddest bitches, P!nk!  Real name Alicia Moore, P!nk finally hit Winnipeg’s MTS Centre on January 14 (the concert was supposed to be in October but she had to postpone it) for her Truth About Love tour to a sold-out crowd.

Since I’m a P&G Beauty United blogger and P!nk is a Covergirl, I was gifted two tickets to see the show from the P&G Beauty team.  Obviously, I took my PR gal/resident bestie Jessica and we ventured down to the MTS Centre in Downtown Winnipeg on a freezing cold – and windy- night.


The Kin were the openers but since we had no clue who they were, we hit up Moxie’s first for drinks ($4.50 beer on special, compared to $8 at the MTS Centre – hello!) and then found our seats in section 107, which was right beside the stage.

Alright, so I like P!nk’s songs, but I’m not a hardcore die-hard fan, and Jess really only came because the ticket was free, but we both had a fab time!  P!nk really puts on a stellar show.  I had read reviews prior to going and they all said how amazing the show was, and I have to agree, she puts on an amazing concert.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised that the show was sold out; I mean, I know she’s popular but I didn’t know she was still so huge.  It was a nice mix of all ages in the audience and a lot of mom’s having a fun (and I’m sure a much-needed) girl’s night out.

From the acrobatics to the live singing, this chick is on fire.  Plus, there was one point in the show where P!nk and her backup dancers were in this cage thing, suspended above the ground and it was twirling it around, all the while, no one was wearing a harness, including P!nk.  She is not afraid to take risks.

jess and i

Jess and I

My coworker Carly and I.

My coworker Carly and I.

There were some tracks that I didn’t know, but most of them were her hits, like “Raise Your Glass”, “Who Knew”, “Just Give Me a Reason”, “So What”, and others that had us on our feet singing and facing along.  The highlight of the show was definitely the encore, where she was literally flying around the whole arena, so those in the nosebleeds could get an up-close view of the singer.

IMG_3089 IMG_3093 IMG_3100 IMG_3102 IMG_3105 IMG_3112 IMG_3119 IMG_3122 Overall, we had a fab time and it was a true girl’s night.  Or sorry, as I should say – and I quote the 30-something mom behind me in line for the bathroom – “this isn’t a girl’s concert, this is a bad bitches concert.” 😉

Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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