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Iconic lashes: Dior DiorShow Iconic Overcurl mascara

My lashes are Dior. Okay, technically not, just you can say that if you’re rocking Dior mascara, which if you’re on the hunt to try one, then definitely get our hands and lashes on their newest formula. Along with the new eyeshadow palettes and liners I chatted about on Wednesday, Dior also recently reinvented their famous DiorShow […]

I’m blushing! NARS releases Liquid Blushes

The brand most known for their blushes has released a new liquid formula. Yes, you heard that right folks. If you guessed NARS by that first line, that you’re correct! The cult-classic NARS Orgasm blush got a liquid formula earlier this year and the brand just released some other colours in this new formula line. […]