Iconic lashes: Dior DiorShow Iconic Overcurl mascara

My lashes are Dior.

Okay, technically not, just you can say that if you’re rocking Dior mascara, which if you’re on the hunt to try one, then definitely get our hands and lashes on their newest formula.

Along with the new eyeshadow palettes and liners I chatted about on Wednesday, Dior also recently reinvented their famous DiorShow Overcurl mascara (C$37). DiorShow Iconic Overcurl mascara is known for giving lashes volume and curl, and the brand recently redesigned the packaging and formula, giving you 24 hours of wear and some hydration in your lashes.

Dior DiorShow Iconic Overcurl mascaras

This mascara features a curved brush to define the natural curve of lashes and fan them out with precise volume. Dior says that the formula lasts 24 hours on the lashes (although you probably shouldn’t wear mascara for that long) and will curl, define, and fan out lashes, making them noticeable and stunning. The formula is also enriched with cotton nectar to nourish lashes and make them softer, supple, and stronger.

The packaging itself is a stunner. This mascara is housed in a beautiful silver casing which features a band with the Dior logo cut out. It is on the heavier side but it’s truly a luxe mascara that will dress up any makeup bag.

This mascara is available in black, brown, and blue, as well as a silver glitter topcoat that is limited edition.

Dior DiorShow Iconic Overcurl mascara wand Dior DiorShow Iconic Overcurl silver glitter mascara wand

The brand sent me the black version to try out, as well as silver glitter topcoat.  I really like how the brush is curved, meaning that it fits the shape of your lashes beautifully. It’s really simple to get fanned out, voluminous lashes with this and the result is dark noticeable lashes.  I did try the topcoat as well, which is pretty and subtle, but totally not noticeable.  If you must have it in your life then I think you’ll like it. It’s not overpowering at all, more along the lines of “is she wearing a little sparkle on her eye?”

Overall I like this mascara and think it does a good job. Also, at C$37, it’s not too expensive in relation to other luxury brand mascaras out there.  If you are a fan of the original DiorShow Overcurl mascara then I think you’ll really love this one.

Dior DiorShow Iconic Overcurl mascara swatched

Have you tried Dior mascaras?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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