March 2012 Glossybox

One of the most popular international beauty subscription services is now available in our home and native land.  Yes my friends, Glossybox  now ships to Canada!

I received the March 2012 Glossybox a ways in April already but the contents of the box made the last-minute shipping oh so worth it (the boxes sent from the PR company were sent out later than actual subscriber boxes).

Glossybox is just like your other run-of-the-mill beauty subscription services, but this one comes in an actual box (like a mini shoebox), and includes five to six luxury products a month.  This particular box costs a little more a month than it’s counterparts at C$15 but based on the samples I got, it’s oh so worth it.

Here’s what I got:

  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Bailey Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss – full size at $28
  • Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray – 50 ml at $7
  • Pandora’s Box Blush in St. Tropez – full size at $18
  • Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray
  • Algemarin Foam Bath – sample packet

Altogether, the cost of this box was easily over $60, totally worth the $15 you pay for it per month.

Although I haven’t heard of a lot of these products, I still really loved my box.  I couldn’t get over the amount of full size stuff in here.  Even though the box included a body lotion (it seems like every sub box has one), I even appreciated the Aveeno lotion as it was a great size and something that I felt I could get good use out of.  Same goes for the hairspray (perfect for travelling) and Evian spray, which I was so excited to get.  One spritz of the stuff makes your face feel so refreshed, it’s perfect for after the gym, in the summer, after a flight, or really, anytime you need to feel refreshed.

The Bailey lip gloss is a brand I have never heard of before, but a $28 lip gloss for free?  Heck yes.  The colour is quite sheer so it’s good for layering, and the packaging is very chic and posh.  As for the blush, the colour is a pretty pink shade and the case if magnetic so the blush pan comes out and you could even add it to a Z palette if you wish.  I’ve never heard of Pandora’s Box makeup before but it seems to have quite a following as people on the Glossybox Facebook page seemed quite excited to receive it.

As for packaging of the actual box, this one is my absolute favourite.  The box itself was quite heavy and when you open the lid, the items are wrapped in tissue with a bow tying it all together. The cards and other documents (including a coupon code for Glossybox subscribers for 40 per cent off Pandora’s Box makeup online) was enclosed in a chic black envelope.  Honestly, I felt like I was opening a present someone sent me in the mail.  The box itself is so sturdy that it’s perfect to keep even after all the contents are used and gone.  You can use it to store photos, CDs, cards, etc. or you could even put a gift for someone in there.  It’s a fab little box.

So final thoughts, I loved the March 2012 Glossybox.  As for contents wise, I would say it’s up to par with the March Topbox, maybe even a bit better because of the amount of deluxe samples included.  It’s a bit pricier than other boxes out there but I think it’s well worth it in the amount and quality of products you receive.  I highly recommend this one!

Did you receive the March 2012 Glossybox?  What were your thoughts?

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Please note I did receive this product for review purposes.  All opinions are my honest own.

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The Lash Diaries: YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Mascara

If you are a regular follower of this blog you will know how much I adore YSL’s Faux Cils mascara.  Unfortunately for me, we don’t have a YSL counter in my city and the only place I can get my hands on my beloved mascara is at Sephora or Holt Renfrew.  When I heard YSL reformulated the HG formula into a new mascara and added on the word “shocking”, I knew I had to try it.  Was it better than the original?  Did it make your lashes more shocking (hence the name)?  I had to get my hands on a bottle of it, but I had to wait patiently until I travelled to a destination which carried it.  Luckily for me, I went to Montreal last month, so I made sure to buy a tube.

From YSL:

Exaggerate your lashes with shocking volume from every angle!  New and exclusive to YSL, the amplified helix brush with a twisted cut, provides instant excess volume on the lashes, with effortless application. Shaped and styled for excess, this slim brush breaks the rules of volume, allowing for perfect control and precision, combined with a beautifully creamy formula to cover each lash evenly, for a thick and lustrous fringe.

I didn’t end up opening this product until last weekend because I wanted to finish up my mini DiorShow mascara.  With the hefty C$36 price tag I wasn’t about to risk drying out this product before I could get my lashes on it.

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara wand

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking mascara wand

So to my untrained eye, the mascara wands between the two mascaras seem to be the same.  However, the first thing I noticed between Shocking and the original formulation is that the new version is noticeably more wet than it’s original counterpart.  So wet that when I first applied it my lashes looked like a glob of mascara and not shocking at all.  It wasn’t love at first swipe like I thought it would be.  But then I gave it another chance.

Curled lashes, no mascara or primer

One coat

Two coats

By comparison, two coats of the original Faux Cils mascara

To be honest, after one coat I thought I had enough mascara on my lashes to last me the day, but for the purposes of this blog I decided to brush another coat on.  If I bothered with a third one I would be a spidery mess.  Because this mascara is more wet in consistency than it’s original counterpart you have to be really careful in applying it.  It does make lashes look really nice once it’s applied properly, but you have to take your time with this one.  I know from reading reviews of the original Faux Cils many people had the same complaint that the product dried up quite fast.  I used mine almost everyday for about four to five months so it was quite dry by the time I threw it out.  With that being said I have mascaras from a year ago that are still wet in consistency but I don’t use them everyday.

So would I recommend Shocking over the original?  It’s too early to tell.  Once I use it a little more I will get a better understanding of whether or not I like it better.  I can say that I find the Shocking mascara to be a bit more black than the other one, maybe that’s what makes it so shocking?

I am in love with the original formulation so anything will be hard to beat that, but for the same price, if you are between the two, try the Shocking version, who knows it may even last longer in the long run.

Have you tried YSL’s Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking mascara?  What are your thoughts?

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BB fever: Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

So if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, North America is beyond crazy with BB Creams.  Also known as Blemish Balms or Beauty Balms, BB Creams are a product mainly sold in east and southeast Asia.  Originally formulated in Germany, the product was initially used to protect skin after laser procedures and surgery. Further on down the line, BB Creams were made famous in South Korea by an actress who was known for her beautiful skin.

A ton of companies here in North America has reformulated BB Creams (it’s been said that Asian BB Creams are different from their Western counterparts), everyone from Garnier to Clinique to Smashbox to even Dior.  About a month ago, Garnier Canada’s Facebook page was giving away a whole whack of samples to people to try out.  Me being the beauty buff I am, jumped at the chance.

Garnier’s BB Cream is actually called Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector.  Here are the claims:

It’s your most fabulous beauty secret… the all-in-one skincare solution for perfect-looking skin.  Instantly!  Use it on its own or as a primer, first thing in the morning or after the gym, as a post-work touch-up or a pre-date beautifier.

  • Lipidure and Hyaluronic acid provide deep and long-lasting 24h moisture
  • Caffeine stimulates radiance
  • SPF 15 protects skin against harmful UV rays
  • Vitamin C boots luminosity and corrects wrinkles
  • Mineral pigments create a natural sheer coverage to blur imperfection and even the skin tone
So according to Garnier, this product basically does everything: evens skin tone, corrects imperfections, brightens complexion, hydrates for 24 hours, and protects with SPF 15. Throw away your foundation, moisturizers, concealers, and primers, this is the product to end all products.
Or is it?
I got a sample packet in the colour light which, considering how ghostly pale I am, this colour would be perfect for me.  When I opened the packet the shade was a nice medium beige colour that really was perfect for my skin.  I couldn’t, however, get over how thick the consistency of the product was.
I didn’t use a brush to blend this in, just my fingers but I found that you really have to rub it into your skin.  I would actually recommend a brush with this because it took me a while to get the product to set on my face.  After it was on I didn’t see that much of a difference right away, however, throughout the day my face did look better than it would be if I was wearing no makeup.

Before shot- no makeup


So just by looking at the before and after shots, my face doesn’t look as red and has an even complexion.  I’m also not as pale.

So would I recommend Garnier’s version of BB Cream?  It depends.  At first I wasn’t blown away by the product but after looking at the photos, the product does seem to work.  It doesn’t come close to a full-coverage foundation (which is something I like), but if you like a foundation with sheer coverage or even a tinted moisturizer, I would say this product is for you.  With summer coming up this would be perfect for those days at the beach or pool where you don’t want to go au natural but still want some sort of coverage. Also, I would totally use this for lazy Sundays, and if I wanted something with a little more coverage I would put some Bare Minerals over top for a flawless finish.

If you were interested in trying this product if you haven’t already, head on over to Garnier Canada’s Facebook page, they are offering a $3 rebate coupon.  The product itself retails for $19.99, so it is pricey, but the $3 definitely helps.

Oh, and I would also love to wish my precious dog Ziggy a very happy birthday! He turns three today!

Have you tried Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream?  What were your thoughts?

Also, don’t forget to enter my May Loose Button Luxebox giveaway! ** Canadians only!

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