A little sparkle: Mary Kay Cosmetics fall 2021 releases

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

When I first saw Mary Kay’s fall 2021 collection, I was star struck. I love a little sparkle and with the last year and a half being pretty low key I’m really excited to finally dress up in the coming months.

Mary Kay’s fall 2021 collection is jewel toned and sparkly and trust me, when you see it, you’ll want every single item.  There are lipsticks, cream shadows, nail polishes, and highlighters (plus a limited-edition makeup bag), and each and every item is just so stunning.

For the eyes, dive into the Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow (C$18), which comes in two shades, graphite and amethyst. These cream shadows apply via a doe foot applicator and are a lightweight gel-based formula with some major sparkle and shine.  Although there is a lot of glitter in here, they do go on smoothly and don’t feel chunky or glittery and really are stunning once applied.   Mary Kay Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadow Swatches of Mary Kay Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadow in Amethyst

Although there are only two shades to choose from, I do love the colour choices and they are perfect for either a lighter look or a darker, smoky one.   You can pair the glittery shadow with one of their new lipsticks.

When I first opened Mary Kay’s Sparkle Lipsticks (C$21) I was floored. These lipsticks are adorned in glitter and truthfully, are way too pretty to use. Then again, since these are so pretty, you’ll definitely want to pull them out for some touch ups while you’re out and about.

These lipsticks, also available in two shades (Sunstone, a nude; and Ruby, a mauve), and come wrapped in glitter.  Not only do these look glittery, but the sparkle does get transferred on the lips, leaving them looking shiny and eye-catching.

Mary Kay Sparkle Lipsticks for fall 2021 Swatches of Mary Kay Sparkle lipsticks in Ruby and Sandstone

Although there is major glitter here, they go on very smooth and don’t feel rough or like there is any texture on the lips. They also feature moisturizing ingredients to nourish lips while you’re wearing them. Honestly, if there is one item to pick up from this collection, these lipsticks are it.

If you want to include some dazzle but not be so in-your-face, then take a look at the Mary Kay Highlighter (C$18).  These limited-edition highlighters, available in two shades (Canary Diamond, a champagne; and Rose Sapphire, a rose gold), are so stunning and truly eye catching when applied on the face.

Mary Kay highlighters for fall

These highlights contain luminescent pearl shimmer that captures the right amount of sparkle and shine.  If you are the kind of person who enjoys really dramatic highlights, then you’ll love these.  They come in the pan, which is designed to be put in a magnetic palette (of which Mary Kay has some great ones), making this awesome for travel and including with other products you love.

Lastly, for the nails, take a look at the the two new limited-edition nail polish colours (C$12) in Emerald and Rose Quartz. These nail polishes contain rich colour pigments with metallic shimmer for stand-out nails.  The two shads are jewel tones, which makes them so rich to wear, especially during this time of the years.

As you can see, I really love this collection and highly recommend picking up a few items.  The lipsticks are an absolute must and I also recommend the highlighters are well since the shades are so flattering for all skin tones and really do make you glow.

Have you picked up anything from Mary Kay’s new fall 2021 jewel-tones collection?

Note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Bright eyed: IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes+ Volumizing Mascara with Lash Serum

I’ve always had hit or miss moments with IT Cosmetics’ mascaras.

You guys know I absolutely love IT Cosmetics in general as a brand but when it comes to their mascaras, I find some work for me and others just don’t. The original Hello Lashes is a favourite for lots of people, including many of my friends, but for me it’s just never worked out. So when the brand sent me their new Hello Lashes+ Volumizing Mascara with Lash Serum (C$33) I was looking forward to seeing if this formula would impress me.

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes+ Volumizing Mascara with Lash Serum

Their new mascara is a volumizing mascara that also conditions lashes thanks to the added lash serum. This serum includes biotin, argan oil and jojoba oil to condition lashes so they are nourished while you’re wearing them. This serum with strengthen, moisturize, and nourish lashes while it’s applied and once it’s washed off you’ll notice healthier lashes over time.

This mascara features a similar 360-degree lash wrapping brush so every lash is coated in the mascara, as well as a ball at the tip of the brush to push lashes up, as well as coat even the tiniest of lashes.

 IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes+ Volumizing Mascara with Lash Serum  IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes+ Volumizing Mascara with Lash Serum swatches

I love the idea of this mascara and the fact that it nourishes your lashes, both while you’re wearing it and even after your remove it. Just like the original mascara though, this one didn’t really do much for me. I also just got a lash lift recently so if anything it just coated my lashes but I found it didn’t add much to them to make them stand out.

Now with that being said, I know some people who are ride or die over this mascara, so if you like the original then I think you’ll like this one too, especially since it’s healthier for your lashes.

Have you tried IT Cosmetics newest mascara?

Please note, all products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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Nude with attitude: Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes collection

When it comes to makeup brands I love and colours I wear, the top of the list is different Charlotte Tilbury and anything nude. Because of that, imagine my surprise when I learn that the UK beauty brand has recently released a whole nudes collection complete with lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, and a glow palette.

Released earlier this summer, the Super Nudes collection is a wearable and versatile collection that will have you pulling it out every time you do your makeup.  There is a five-shadow eyeshadow palette, a four shade glow palette, a dual-ended eyeliner, and five lipsticks.

Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes collection Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes Easy Eyeshadow Palette

Starting first with the eyeshadow palette, the Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette (C$72) is a palette with five velvet matte eyeshadows that are designed to be used to give you a beautiful matte look.  This palette has three cool-toned caramel brown shades and three warmer bronze shades to give you a wide variety of different looks to pull off.

You can either do a light eye look with this or something more dramatic.  The shadows are finely milled and blended with oils and waxes for a beautiful texture that is light on the lids but blendable and pigmented. Also, each shade is matte, so it’s great for giving you that ’90s look which is popular right now and just overall it’s a good neutral palette to have in your collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes Eye Liner Duo and Super Nudes shadow palette

Pair the shadow palette with the new Super Nudes Eye Liner Duo (C$35). This dual-ended pencil features a black-brown shade on one end to define eyes and then a nude liner on the other to open up the eyes.

This is a great pencil to have in general since a black pencil liner is such a staple in anyone’s collection and the nude on the other end is great to add in the water line to make your eyes appear bigger. You can also use it to define the brow area as well for a look that really pops.

Charlotte Tilbury Nude Makeup Palette: Nudegasm

A real highlight in this collection is the Nude Makeup Palette in Nudegasm (C$95). This palette includes four universally-flattering shades to bronze, sculpt, and glow skin.

There are three different textures in here to give you a perfect glowing look.  There is Super Glow, a soft champaign highlight that leaves a wet, shiny texture.  This is such a pretty highlighter that can be used in a variety of different ways.

To add some shine to the cheeks, use Multi Glow, which is a golden peach with a lustrous satin finish that helps to make the cheeks stand out. For adding warmth to the face, take a look at Sculpt, which is a natural-looking sandy taupe, used to sculpt and blur the appearance of imperfections. It features a hybrid cream-powder formula leaving your with a creamy and luminous matte finish. Finally, there is Super Sculpt, which is also a cream-powder formula that helps to carve out cheekbones and leave your face looking sculpted and lifted.


I’ve used some of her other face palettes but I do have to say that this one is one of my new favourites. The pigmentation and finish of these shades are so stunning and although it’s a pricier palette, it’s definitely something that will become a staple in your collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes collection swatched

Finally, for the grande finale, Charlotte Tilbury has released five new lipstick shades all in nude colours.

Four of the shades come in her Matte Revolution finish and there is one in the KISSING formula. Starting with the KISSING Formula, Runway Royalty (C$39) is a nude soft rosy peach and is a dewy, satin finish. This particular shade is exclusive to Charlotte Tilbury’s website.

Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes lipsticks

As for the Matte Revolution shades (C$39 each), there is Cover Star, a nude apricot; Super Fabulous, a deep rosewood brown-nude; Super Model, a mid-toned muted nude rose; and Catwalking, a fresh nude peach.

I love all the shades since they are stunning neutrals that really are aimed to suit all skin tones.  Of course Cover Star might be a little too light for darker skin tones, but then Super Fabulous would probably look to perfect and flattering instead.
Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes lipstick swatches

Not only are these colours super stunning but the wear is great as well. The Matte Revolution lipsticks contain lipstick tree an orchid extracts to soften, protect and hydrate the lips. They also have 3D glowing pigments to give the illusion of fuller-looking lips. These lipsticks also last a while on the lips thanks to the blend of oils and waxes so although the product might fade throughout the day, you’ll still have a hint of colour left.

As you can see, I’m head over heels about this collection.  I think that the really showstoppers are definitely the glow palette and the lipsticks since they are both items that I feel you will wear a lot of, regardless of the season or the occasion you may be wearing them to.

Have you picked up anything from Charlotte Tilbury’s Super Nudes collection?



Please note, products provided by PR, all opinions are my own.

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