Nourished hair: Two haircare products you need to try from SELV Ritual

As someone who typically gets dry scalp in the winter and who has a family history of dandruff, I’ve been really focused on making sure that my haircare routine is top notch and focused on scalp care lately.

For the past year I have been using scalp oils and have seen their effect on not only how my hair looks and feels, but also on my scalp health. Winter typically is very drying for the skin and in the past I would often get those little flakes from my head that covered my clothes. Well not lately.

I like to apply a scalp oil at least once a week (I wash my hair on Mondays and Thursdays), so since this was already part of my routine, I was excited to get a new product from Montreal-based wellness brand SELV.

SELV makes products for the bath, shower, body, mind, and daily rituals and their items are made with high-quality ingredients with ecological values. The recently teamed up with Salon Chez Marcus on a line of three hair products that are designed to give you softer, stronger, and shinier hair. All these hair products are made in Quebec with all-natural and high-quality ingredients that are also 100 per cent vegan.

SELV x Chez Marcus Pre-Shampoo Serum

SELV x Chez Marcus Pre-Shampoo Serum

This serum (C$58) is my favourite from the bunch since it leaves your hair feeling so silky and also instantly transports you to the spa thanks to the rosemary, neroli, and mint.

This serum has vitamins in it to give your hair more density, hydration, and improve overall health. Apply two full pipettes to the hand and then moisturize on the scalp while also running it through to your ends. Wait 15 minutes and then shampoo your hair twice to rinse. What you are left with is hydrated, nourished, shiny, and more luxurious hair that not only looks amazing but feels amazing too.

I like to use this product once a week (typically on Thursdays for the weekend) and I have found that even when my hair is dry it’s less frizzy than if I didn’t use the product. I like to pair it with my Kerastase shampoo and hair mask for the most luxurious hair treatment.

Eucalyptus & Rosemary Stimulating Hair Mist

Eucalyptus & Rosemary Stimulating Hair Mist

Once out of the shower, spray their new Eucalyptus & Rosemary Stimulating Hair Mist (C$48) which is helps to stimulate hair growth, soothe the scalp, and make hair silky and shiny.

This mist includes Vitamin B5 to moisturize and soften. It also helps to calm skin irritation and protects the hair against external aggressions. It also has eucalyptus hydrosol to stimulate hair growth.

You can either apply this to damp or dry hair. I like to spray it in damp hair after my shower and when I use the hair oil. It also has a very relaxing scent that will transport you directly to the spa.

This line also has a Nourishing Hair Oil, which can be used to give you shiny, hydrated and healthy hair. I didn’t get this item but if it’s anything like the other two, then I’m sure it smells amazing and would make a great product to add to your haircare routine.

Overall I love these products and love the way they make my hair look and feel. Also, the smell is so divine and I love how they are local products made in Quebec (love the feeling I get when I shop local and support local brands!). You can order direct from the SELV site if you want to check them out.

Have you tried these haircare products for SELV Ritual?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my honest own.

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