Sparkle + shine: Shinery Bride products for shimmering jewelry

So I have some exciting news to share.

In case you don’t follow me on my social platforms, a month ago yesterday (April 9) I got engaged!  Josh and I went for a weekend trip to New York City and he asked me in Central Park, which is a place that we visited often when we lived there back in 2019.

To be honest, this wasn’t a complete surprise (I was totally expecting it!).  We have been dating for seven years and went ring shopping last year, so I knew he had the ring.  The ring itself is my dream ring and was custom made from Philippe & Co. in Montreal, which I highly recommend.  The whole experience of meeting with Phil was incredible since he’s so knowledgable and personable and if you are looking for an engagement ring, then I cannot recommend him enough!

Anyways, before I got engaged I had it in the back of my mind to get one of those ring cleaning machines from Amazon since I want to keep this precious piece of jewelry clean and sparkly.  I didn’t actually have to go search for one since a company got in touch with me to try their products instead.

Shinery Radiance Wash

Shinery sent over their Shinery Bride collection, which is a line of cleaners that are aimed to keep your diamonds as sparkly as the day you got them. Their Bride collection consists of three products, but the most innovative one in my opinion is the Radiance Wash ($28 USD), which is a hand wash that doubles as a ring cleaner.

The Radiance Wash is a gentle and non-toxic formula that is designed for daily use. It features plant-based surfactants to remove dirt and oils from your jewelry, all while you are washing your hands. Just keep your jewelry on, use a pump of the product, lather it on your hands, paying extra attention to your jewelry, then rinse!  This has become my new go-to wash and I can confidently say that if you are engaged or know someone who is engaged or even married, this is a wonderful gift idea (since who doesn’t need a hand soap?).

Shinery Bride Illuminating Pom

For more on-the-go use, take a look at their Illuminating Pom ($22 USD), which is a contain of three poms that clean your engagement ring and keep it looking like new. This is great to use alongside the wash (use the wash first them give it a quick one-over with the pom).  All you need to do is rub the pom on your jewelry and watch it pick up dirt, oil, beauty buildup, and other residue.

The pom itself is very soft, so it’s safe to use on any piece of jewelry and won’t scratch or leave any marks behind either. It is made of two materials; the bottom one being a latex-free, hydrophilic material with an open cell structure that absorbs and then traps water, oil, dirt, beauty buildup, and other residue.  The top materials and strap is made from a non-absorbent material that prevents the transfer of dirt or oil from your fingers to the jewelry.

Shinery Bride Radiance Towelettes

Finally, for even quicker on-the-go cleaning, keep some of their Radiance Towelettes ($22 USD) on hand.  Each box contains 10 towelettes, which removes film and residue from your jewelry. Open up an individual pack, unfold the towelette and then gently wipe your jewelry and watch dirt, oil, and build up disappear. Each towelette is residue-free, streak-free, and don’t require any rinsing.

I think these are great to have on hand for any time you need a quick touch up and you can also split them amongst friends as well if you want to share the love.

Like I said, I absolutely adore these products and think the idea of them (especially the Radiance Wash) is so genius.  Currently Shinery ships to the U.S., Canada and Mexico direct from their site. has the products as well however it’s way cheaper to order it direct, or through Nordstrom.

Have you tried Shinery Bride products?

Please note, products provided by PR, all opinions are my own.

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