Keep it strong: L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Bond Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

Ever Pure title We all want strong and healthy hair

Since hair is made of strong and weak bonds, when hair is coloured, it can lead to lots of damage, which can leave you with hair that is weak and fragile.   Because of that it’s always good to invest in a haircare system that is designed to strengthen hair both inside and outside the hair follicle.

Which leads me to today’s post on L’Oreal’s Ever Pure Bond Strengthening system.  I love L’Oreal’s Ever Pure line (I currently also use the blonding one), so when I got this in I knew it would be a hit with my hair, especially since I have coloured hair and use hot tools on it (I’ve definitely cut back on the amount of times I style my hair a week but I do tend to use hot tools around the weekend).

L'Oreal Paris Every Pure Bond Strengthening shampoo

This system gently cleanses hair and helps to strengthen it, which leaves you with soft and smooth hair, while also protecting is from future damage.

Start first with the Bond Strengthening Shampoo (C$10.99), which gently cleanses hair, nourishing each strand and making it stronger the more you use it. Follow up with their Bond Strengthening Conditioner (C$10.99), which not only leaves hair soft, but will work with the shampoo for the optimum amount of strengthening.

I don’t think I would use this product every time I wash my hair since I like to alternate shampoo and conditioners (I usually use a blonde regimen as well), but do like the idea of having it in my shower to use a few times a month to help nourish and build up my hair strength.  L’Oreal says that this combo helps to repair the strength of weak bonds in just six uses, so it’s definitely worth picking up if you have fine or weak hair!

L'Oreal Paris Ever Pure Bond Strengthening shampoo and conditioner

Have you tried out L’Oreal Paris’ Bond Strengthening system?

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