Rainbow bright: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2021 Neons collection

When it comes to nail colours I’m usually on two sides of the spectrum. I love light pastel colours and bold neons. There is no in-between.

Back in 2019 Sally Hansen released a neon collection as part of her Miracle Gel line.  The Miracle Gel line is one of my favourites since it’s a gel manicure but without the curing process.  There is a two-step system; the colour (which includes the base coat built-in) and the top coat to seal it.  Once dry, your manicure will last up to eight days before chipping.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2021 Neons collection

The original neon collection is still one of my favourite collections to date and I actually still have some colours kicking around with me here in Montreal.  For the last year and a half I have actually been getting gel manicures at the salon (I find my nails grow the best when I have a gel mani), but if I need some quick colour touchups between appointments I will usually reach for these.

Last week I got a package in the mail from Sally Hansen which included a follow up to her 2019 neon collection, this time with new shades and finishes.  The original 2019 collection is back in store as a permanent collection and for this year they are including six limited-edition shades as well that are more intense and bold.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2021 Neons collection

The biggest difference between the original collection and this one is the finishes of the polish. Many of them contain a hint of sparkle, so the colour is amped up and really vibrates on the nail.  To get the proper neon finish, do a coat of the white polish (Get Mod) first and then do a couple coats (I find three usually works for an opaque finish) of the neon shade.  You can either leave it matte or coat it with the Shiny Top Coat for a gel finish.

New to the collection is Floresc-Pink, a hot pink; Feelin’ Grape, a neon purple; Squeeze the Day, a neon orange; Sun-Shine On, a neon yellow; and Chill Out, a neon blue.  I believe there is another pink in the collection, however, I wasn’t sent this shade and it wasn’t on the marketing materials (might be in the US only?). They also sent along Electri-Lime, which is a neon lime green, but I believe this is a repeat from the original 2019 collection.

swatches Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2021 Neons collection

When it comes to neon nail polishes, these are definitely a must have if you are into those kinds of colours. I know summer is almost over, but I recommend getting your hands on a few of these (plus the white colour, obvi). You can never go wrong with a bright-coloured mani.

Do you have any shades from the original or the 2021 Miracle Gel neon collection?

Please note, polishes provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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