Sanitized and super fresh: Two new hygiene products you need to try from Dove

I don’t think I’ll ever forget March 2020.

The world changed forever that month and life as we all knew it made a huge pivot. Even as it was happening I remember thinking to myself that I’ll definitely be telling my children one day about the grocery store shelves being empty, the intercom messages saying to stay six feet apart, and the worldwide shortage of hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes.  All of the sudden, in the span of a week, household cleaning items were more coveted than a Birkin.

It was a challenge to find it back then, but it’s relatively easy to find hand sanitizer now and I was pleasantly surprised to see that household brands like Dove are now coming out with their own line.

Dove Hand Sanitizer

Brand new from Dove is their hand sanitizer (C$6.47), which comes in two scents, Deep Moisture and Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla, as well as travel-sized versions. These hand sanitizers aren’t your typical alcohol-based ones, they actually also moisturize and care for the skin. They are made with naturally-derived alcohol and kill germs and harmful bacteria while meeting CDC and Health Canada-required alcohol levels.

The formula contains their Moisture Renew Blend, as well as skin-natural nutrients to give you eight hours of moisturization, leaving hands feeling soft and hydrated. Pick one of their two scents and get a burst of moisture and cleanliness while on the go.

Dove Antibacterial Hand Wash

For at-home use, take a look at their Care & Protect Antibacterial Hand Wash (C$6.97).

This hand wash kills bacteria and germs and contains their five moisture blend to protect skin against dryness.  All you need is a pump for nourished and hydrated hands (which with all the hand washing and sanitizing we have been doing lately, we need all the nourishment we can get).

Although Dove has other hand washes, I believe this is their only one with the five moisturizer blend. Since it’s antibacterial, it also kills bacteria and germs, and best of all, won’t dry out your hands.

Dove Hand Wash and Sanitizers

Although I do think that Dove is a little late to the game with these products, I do like how they released them, and the hand washing and sanitizing isn’t going away anytime soon.  I wish they had the sanitizer available in smaller bottles for on-the-go use, but I’m happy they have released something that won’t dry out skin.

What’s your favourite hand sanitizer?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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