Good & glowing: My favourite wellness products right now

When it comes to health, I take working out and eating healthy very seriously.

Right now my workout schedule is Monday to Thursday 6 a.m. workouts (been loving Apple Fitness+, Alessia Sculpt, and the Fit Girl Gang lately.  Also, very fortunate that gyms are still open here in Winnipeg, so I’ve been working out at Altea Active) and then Saturday morning workouts.  On Sundays I usually take Ziggy for a long walk and Fridays are typically my full rest days (although sometimes I’ll work out with a friend or do a good stretch).  For nutrition, I really try to be cautious of what I’m putting in my body on the week days and then treat myself on the weekends.

After years of living like this, it’s totally become second nature and when it comes to eating, there really is a healthy alternative for just about anything.  I try to limit sauces and sugars, and will often swap out higher-calorie things for lower alternatives.

Now with that being said, I try to incorporate a few products everyday into my routine, whether it’s a gummy, collagen powder, or protein powder. You may see these products all over your Instagram feed or in the store, but I can honestly say that after using these kinds of items, I have felt like it has helped my body and mind in looking and feeling healthier.

So curious to know what some of my favourite products are?  Keep reading…

Tula Balanced Beauty gummies

Tula Balanced Beauty Gummies for Strong Hair, Skin, and Nails Plus Probiotics

You guys know i adore Tula, so when they came out with some gummies last year, I couldn’t wait to try them.

The Balanced Beauty Gummy Vitamins for Strong Hair, Skin, and Nails Plus Probiotics ($30 USD) are a berry-blend gummy that provides vitamins for healthy skin, hair growth, and nail growth.  These gummies, which include biotin and folic acid, as well as probiotics, help to calm bloating by improving the natural balance of the digestive system.

These gummies are natural and vegan and each jar includes a 30-day supply (they also have seven-day supply if you want to try them out) and you’re supposed to take two gummies per day.  I am now on my third jar and have been loving them. I take two in the morning after my workout and they are a great way to start the day.  In combination with other products I’m currently taking, I do find that my skin, nails, and hair have been looking really good lately and just knowing all the goodness that is in them, I would say these are a must.

Unfortunately Tula is only available in the United States for now, but for my American followers, you can use code SHAYNA for 15% off your Tula order! While you’re at it, I highly recommend ordering their sunscreen as well, which is perfect for summer. They also just released a 100 ml version of it as well.

Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides

I’ve been using Vital Proteins for about the last year or so and absolutely love everything I’ve tried.

I have a lot of their products but I use a couple of them on a daily basis. Their Original Collagen Peptides (C$63) is a must-have in my opinion since it’s unflavoured and you can add it to just about anything.

Add a scoop of their Collagen Peptides to coffee, water, soups, smoothies… just about any liquid beverage or meal for some extra benefits.  This product contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, as well as grass-fed collagen, which supports healthy hair, nails, skin and joints.

So why is it important to add collagen into your diet?  Collagen provides our body with strength, structure, and elasticity, and as we get older our bodies become less efficient at producing it.  It’s important to take these kinds of supplements since it gives our bodies a much-needed collagen boost.

In addition to adding this product into liquid meals, I love adding a scoop or two to anything that I’m baking.  Since it’s unflavoured, it doesn’t add any taste at all to it, so you don’t even know it’s there.  Vital Proteins has a lot of collagen products, but if I had to pick just one, I would go with this one since it’s so versatile and you can add to it just about anything. It is a bit pricey, but the tub does go a long way and if you are in Canada, sometimes it goes on sale at Sign up for their newsletters to catch it on sale.

Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Creamer

Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Creamer

Okay, so although you can totally add the Original Collagen Peptides to your coffee, if you like a little flavour to your java then take a look at their powdered creamers.

I’ve tried a few different flavours of these but really love the Vanilla flavour (C$42.99). This creamer is a dairy-free alternative to other creamers out there and contains 10g of collagen per serving. It also has coconut milk MCTs for energy and is perfect for supporting healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.

As much as I love this products, I do find that it doesn’t breakdown as well as the Original Collagen Peptides, but I don’t mind this. You can definitely taste the flavour in your coffee and it’s a nice healthy treat to my morning cuppa joe. I also find a full scoop to be a little too much so I’ll usually just go in with a half scoop. It also makes the product last longer.

Vital Proteins also has this creamer in coconut (which I’ve also tried and liked), as well as mocha.

Flow Collagen-Infused Water

Flow Collagen-Infused Water

Speaking of collagen, Flow Water recently came out with some new flavours in their collagen-infused line.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water is sourced from two artesian springs and contains natural alkaline (pH +8.1) and is rich in electrolytes and minerals.  It also comes in a super-trendy responsibly-sourced paperboard container which is 100 per cent recyclable and is 68 to 75 per cent renewable. It’s sealed with a plant-based cap.

Their collagen water is formulated with 10 grams of grass-fed collagen per serving and is naturally flavoured as well.  It contains no sugar or sweeteners and is natural spring water (not fizzy water like Lacroix or Bubly).

Flow has a ton of different flavours to choose from but I got the blood orange one which I really like.  Although there are no sugars or sweeteners in here, you can definitely still taste the flavour and it’s a nice alternative to their sparkling counterparts.

You can get a pack of 12 via their site for C$46.99.

Nutri-BurnWhey Protein Drink Mix

Nature’s Sunshine Nutri-Burn Whey Protein Drink Mix

Although I’ll sometimes do a little cheat dinner, for the most part, I like always having healthy lunches. One of my fave healthy lunches? Smoothies!

The great thing about smoothies is that you can add pretty much anything to them and control how healthy you want them. My go-to is usually frozen strawberries, a banana, some pineapple, some powdered peanut butter, a scoop of Vital Proteins Unflavoured Collagen, and protein powder!

I’m typically not fussy with protein powders, but the one I have been loving lately is Nature’s Sunshine Nutri-Burn Whey Protein Drink Mix (C$79.20). This product is a high-protein, low-card drink mix which includes whey protein, which is made from a cold ultra-filtration membrane technology to produce an indentured protein concentrate.  Each scoop contains 20.5 grams of protein, which helps with muscle recovery and building muscle. Whey protein is also the most beneficial type of protein for building lean body mass.

Although you can just drink this as a drink alone (add two scoops to water or your favourite milk beverage), I like doing a scoop in my smoothie for some extra added goodness and nutrition.  I have also baked with this as well, adding it to homemade protein bars.

Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks in Strawberry

Arbonne Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks

For days when I need some extra energy but don’t feel like coffee, the Arbonne Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks are right up my alley.

These sticks, which comes in packs of 30 for C$67, and help with energy, cognitive performance, endurance, and reducing fatigue.  All you have to do is rip over one of the sticks, pour it into water and then bam, you get a flavoured beverage which will help wake you up, as well as give you a number of vitamins.

The formula is vegan and also contains a variety of different vitamins depending on the flavour. I have the strawberry one, which has Panax Ginseng, antioxidant Coenzyme Q10, Chromium and B vitamins (including Riboflavin and Niacin), and naturally-derived Caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea.

I really love these and they taste delicious as well.  For mornings where I’m heading to the gym, I’ll usually add half a pack to a shaker cup to drink on the drive there since it I use it to wake me up and also act as a pre-workout supplement.  After my workout, I usually drink whatever is left in the cup on the way home for an after-workout treat.

These are very sweet if you add the whole stick, but it’s a natural product and is formulated without artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, as well as without high fructose corn syrup, dairy, soy, or gluten.

These are on the pricier side, but you get 30 in the pack and if you half it like me, then you really do get your money’s worth. There are a ton of different flavours to choose from as well.

Wellness products from Flow, Vital Proteins, Arbonne, Tula

I could seriously go on and on about my favourite nutrition snacks and supplements but these are the ones that I use on a daily basis.  I would love to know what some of your favourite items are for a healthy lifestyle.

Do you take any supplements or collagen?

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