Sunny side up: Bath & Body Works releases Sunshine Mimosa scent

When it comes to breakfast beverages, mimosas are definitely at the top of my list.

With Mother’s Day coming up, Bath & Body Works has released the most holiday-appropriate scent, Sunshine Mimosa.  This scent is a blend of champagne and citrus and smells sweet, refreshing, and summery.

As part of the collection, the brand has released just about every product they offer in this new scent. Think hand soaps, candles, lotions, body wash, fragrance mist, and even a perfume.

I actually didn’t even know that Bath & Body Works had eau de parfum and this one comes in a beautiful orange bottle that will promise to bring some happiness to yourself, your mom, or anyone you buy it for.

Bath & Body Works Sunshine Mimosa Bath & Body Works Sunshine Mimosa

I know that Bath & Body Works releases scents often, but next time you are near a store, I definitely recommend popping in and giving this one a whiff.  It’s really light, fruity, sweet, and overall pleasant and after wearing the scent for a few days now I definitely plan on making myself a mimosa this weekend (or two… or three… or bottomless).

Like I said, Bath & Body Works has this fragrance in just about all their items, but I recommend checking out the fine fragrance mist, the candle, and hand soap, and if you want a real treat, the perfume.

Bath & Body Works Sunshine Mimosa Bath & Body Works Sunshine Mimosa

I know it’s still early, but if you’re like me and like getting gifts out of the way early, then I would pick up a few items for mom from the new Sunshine Mimosa collection (it was inspired by mimosas at Mother’s Day brunch).  I know for my mom, she loves gifts from Bath & Body Works, so this one will definitely be included in her gift for this year.

Have you smelled Sunshine Mimosa yet?

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