In a snap! Revlon Ultra HD! Snap nail polishes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a nail post on here.

For the last year my focus in terms of my nails were to grow them longer and stronger. Since I live in a place with dry weather, my nails tend to break and chip a lot.  Starting on New Years 2020 I actually have been getting gel manicures and that’s really the only thing that has helped my nails really grow.

Where I live now, unfortunately nail salons are closed again and since my gel manicure was really grown out, I felt like now was the time to take it off and just hope for the best.  Thankfully, Revlon sent along a few shades from their newest nail polish collection, which came just in time since I was actually able to swatch these.

Revlon Ultra HD! Snap polish swatches

The Revlon Ultra HD Snap! nail polish (C$7.49) is brand new and started rolling out last month in drugstores.  This collection is different from other polishes out there since it’s a clean, 100 per cent vegan formula which is gentle on the nails.  The brand says that this is a one-coat application, meaning it will give you opaque colour in one coat, and it’s also a fast-drying formula.

The formula also includes shea butter, hexane, and green botanicals to nourish the nails, which I really love since nail health is very important to me.  I also love the fact that this is a clean and vegan formula and it also doesn’t have any of those chemicals that can be hazardous and which are often found in other nail enamels.

Revlon sent me six shades to try and the first thing that struck me were the bottles themselves.  These come in an ergonomic bottle with the brush being a little thicker and flatter, making it super easy to apply the polish. In fact these were designed to make it easy for both hands to apply the polish.  We all have a hand that is stronger than the other in terms of painting on your nail polish, so I loved this little tidbit.

Revlon Ultra HD! Snap polish wand

Revlon also says that you don’t need to apply a base or top coat, which is also a nice thing, although I do like adding a topcoat just to make the colour last longer, but I do like the fact that if I’m in a pinch, I don’t need to add one.

Revlon released a ton of shades in this collection, so there really is a colour for everyone in here.  I do like the range they sent me and did find that the colour applied really nice with one coat, although for some of them I did prefer to do two, but I definitely could have made just one work.  As for the dry time, these do dry quickly, however, I still would be careful with your hands as you don’t want to squish or dent the colour.

Overall, I’m really happy with these polishes and more than anything, I love the fact that this has a clean and vegan formula.  We paint our nails a lot, especially with a normal polish which tends to chip easily, so therefore having a clean formula is nice since it’s so gentle on the nails and won’t ruin them over time.

Revlon Ultra HD! Snap polish swatches Revlon Ultra HD! Snap polish swatches

Keep a lookout for these polishes in your favourite drugstore.  I couldn’t find them on the Revlon site just yet, but I have seen them on various retailer’s websites.  They released a really beautiful shade range, so there is a colour for just about any mood you could be in.

Will you try Revlon’s new nail polishes?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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