Fizzy + fab: Drugstore beauty items that make perfect gifts for the holidays

Okay, so this year has clearly been different from others.

A lot of things have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and for many, their income has been dramatically decreased.  When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts definitely rings true, especially this year. You really don’t need to spend a gazillion dollars for a gift to make someone happy, especially since there are so many affordable options already out there.

The drugstore is a great place to start when shopping for the holidays, and whether it’s a small gift, the main gift, a stocking stuffer, of one of many gifts, there are so many affordable options available right now. Plus, since the beauty industry is huge right now, you can get so many amazing products and brands for under $20.

So if you are on the hunt for something affordable this season, don’t worry, I have you covered that in that department. Keep reading.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, bath and body is always a good idea as a gift since these are items that we all need and use.

First up is the Foamie – Shake Your Coconuts Sponge (C$18.25), which is a foaming loofah. It includes an integrated foaming cleanser that nourishes and cleans skin and can be used up to 30 times.  Since this is a two-in-one product, you don’t need to use any additional soaps or body washes, making this product really fun and unique. This product is also available in other “flavours” and is a vegan formula.

For those who love taking baths, gift the Bubble T Melting Marble Oil Bath Pearls (C$12). These are similar to bath bombs, but instead when they are put into the tub the exterior melts away and infuses your water with tea-infused fragrance.  These are really cute to gift to kids or teen since they are so fun and smell so nice.  I have the Hibiscus & Acai Berry scent but they also come in Moroccan Mint Tea and Lemongrass & Green Tea.

You can never go wrong with a sheet mask and the 7th Heaven 24 Hour Hydration CBD-Infused sheet mask (C$4.99) is the perfect one to gift since it will help to relieve stressed-out skin.

This mask is a vegan bamboo sheet mask that is infused with a nourishing blend of vitamin E, CBD oil, and sweet almond oil to calm skin. I love the added CBD, which will help in relieving any stress your skin is experiencing.

For kids, they will love the Mika Foam Soap Spray (C$5.50), which is a fun body wash that comes in a foam format.  Spray this in your hands, on a loofah, or just have fun with it in the tub with your kids. It features a mild and gentle formula and is available in a variety of different scents.

An item that is another staple are hair ties. One of my favourite hair ties are Invisibobble Slim (C$11), which is a coiled hair tie that doesn’t kink your hair. The Slim is the thinner version of their original ties and holds hair tightly, but comfortably.

I use these all the time, for working out, for sleeping, or for just getting my hair out of my face.  These are available in seven different colours and come in a pack of three.  They do stretch out with regular wear, however, if you put them in hot water they will shrink back to their original size.

Finally, the last item is one of my favourites this season.

If you are like me and have to take care of your facial hair weekly, then you’ll love the Finishing Touch Flawless (C$29.95).  This facial razor looks like a lipstick, making it discreet, and opens up to a gold-plated head that gently removes hair.  Just turn it on, sweep it across your face, and voila! No more hair. Best part is it really is painless and also features a light so you can see all the unwanted hair that has to go.

Of course this isn’t just for your face, you can use it anywhere.  I have a razor that I got a few years ago that I use often and found this one quickly replaced it since it works so well. The head is also replaceable and removable (to get rid of all the hair in there) and you can get new brush heads through the Flawless site.

I love this product and I think it makes such a great gift (for those who need it; it could also be a really awkward gift hah!).  I also really love the packaging since it’s so sleek (it comes in other colours as well), meaning that it’s not obvious you have a razor, whether its on your bathroom countertop or in your travel bag.

Of course, the drugstore also has so many other great gifts and typically the beauty brands also release some great sets at a wonderful price this time of the year as well. A lot of these items are available online, so if they interest you I would recommend that you order early so it gets here in time for the holidays.

Are any drugstore items on your wishlist or gift list this year?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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