Rainbow look: Dior Colour Games Summer 2020 collection

This post was a long time coming.

I had actually received Dior’s Color Games collection months ago, but since I was in Montreal at the time and the makeup was here in Winnipeg, I didn’t actually get around to trying it out until last weekend (I’ll be honest, when it comes to swatching, I try to wait until I have something going on, which because of COVID, doesn’t happen very often anymore).

Anyways, as soon as I got home from Montreal and opened all my boxes, this particular collection really stood out to me since a) it’s Dior, and I always get excited over new Dior makeup, and b) I really like the collection in terms of the products they chose to include, as well as the colours.

Anyways, we’ll get right to it, but although it’s technically fall and this is a summer collection, I’m not sure if you can still find these items or if they are limited edition for the season, but the products are available online so if you visit a Dior Beauty counter I’m sure you’ll be able to snatch them up before they are gone forever.

So let’s get to it..

Dior Beauty Summer 2020 Colour Games collection Dior Beauty 5 COULEURS - COLOR GAMES COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION

Okay so we obviously had to start with the star of the show, the 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette (C$73), which as you’ll remember in my latest DiorShow post they actually redid the packaging and formula of these after this collection.  The palette in their Color Games collection is available in two different hues, a neutral one and a fun one, and both of them have bright colours that will make your eyes pop.

I had received the palette in 287 Dive, which features blues, peach, mauve, and plum, and although these aren’t really shades I would normally reach for (aside from the peach), I actually had a lot of fun with this palette and ended up creating a pretty neat look.  I used the peach on the lids and then the eggplant purple in the crease with the bright teal under the eyes to make them pop.

I’ve tried out my fair share of the brand’s 5 Couleurs palettes and truthfully, only a few have impressed me.  I do like this one and think the shade range is actually really pretty. The other palette, Sprint, is definitely more wearable since it contains browns, pinks, and sand colours, but it is nice to throw a little colour into my look every now and then and the Dive palette definitely helps me achieve that.


Pair the shadow palette with their Diorshow Colour and Contour sticks (C$38). These double-ended pencils contain both a cream eyeshadow and an eyeliner and come in neutral and deep hues to create a variety of different looks.

Dior sent me both of the shades, Gold/Blue and Brown/Peach and the way these work is the neutral colours (gold and peach) are the cream shadows, whereas the deeper colours (blue and brown) are the liners.  For the look I created in this post, I had put down the pink shadow first as my base, used the palette and then used the cream gold on my lids to make them pop.  I then used the brown liner, which has a slight iridescent sheen to it to help elongate my lash line.

I actually really liked these and they are one of my favourite items from this collection.  I have seen so much blue lately in the makeup world and I wish that instead of the blue liner on the gold/blue one it was gold/black.  It is a pretty blue, so I will give it that, but I tend to wear more black liner rather than blue in general, so I’m not sure how much wear this one will get.

As for the product itself, these are a total dream and glide on the lids.  Unlike their new gel liners in their fall DiorShow collection, these are much more creamier and I find that you don’t have to have a heavy hand since they glide on rather than tug on the lid area.  These are a total win in my books.

Dior Beauty 2020 summer collection Colour Games look

For the cheeks, Dior has released two shades in their Rouge Blush (C$54) product, a pink and a coral shade.

Open up the compact to reveal the collection’s circle motif embossed in the blush, which gives cheeks intense and ultra-pigmented colour.  Dior sent me the coral shade, Peach Volley, which is the perfect summer companion to tanned skin and really does apply beautifully (they mean it when they say intense colour, so go in with a light hand). Dior also has this in Pink Pong, which is a baby pink, also perfect for those warm summer months.

Pair the blushes with their Color Games Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze Bronzer (C$60), which also features the same collection motif with Dior letters intertwined in a circle.

Available in two shades (light and dark), this bronzer features a powder that is infused with golden minerals to really make skin stand out and give you the perfect summer glow.  There is a lighter shade surrounded by a darker middle, so you can mix the two colours together or wear them separately.


The brand sent me the darker of the two (Warm Flame), which I actually really enjoyed.  I have a couple bronzers from a previous collection and wasn’t too impressed with the formula, but this one I find works much better and you don’t have to go too heavy with the product to give you a beautiful tanned complexion. It comes in the same silver compact as their other bronzers (in a plush velvet sleeve) and I do have to say that out of all the products from this collection, I would say this one is worth the money.  It performs well and the packaging and detail on this product is so beautiful.

Lastly, for the lips, Dior chose to go with two limited-edition colours in their Dior Addict Lip Tattoo (C$39) lip stains. Available in a cranberry and a deep taupe, these stains dry down on the lips (perfect for masks!) and give you a 12-hour wear without drying out the lips or making them feel heavy.

Dior sent me both colours, Natural Almond and Natural Cranberry, and I found that they were a watery formula that goes on sheer, meaning you have to build up the colour. I did have a little bit of trouble when it comes to evenness of the colour, but once I figured it out, these were really pretty. They do settle down nicely and I did find that I didn’t have to reapply the colour often. These work with your lips’ natural colour to give you a custom shade and they honestly feel like nothing at all.

Dior Beauty Dior Addict Lip Tattoo swatches

The formula was also reformulated with 80 per cent ingredients of natural origin and considering the world we live in now, I think will be the brand’s most-worn lip product when it comes to what I reach for when I apply my makeup.

There are a few other items in this collection, including lipglosses and nail polishes (which the brand also sent me but I wear shellac polish so I haven’t been able to swatch these yet), but overall I really like what they did with their summer collection.

These products are still available online so if you can get your hands on them still, I would recommend the lip stains (solely on the fact that we have to wear masks everywhere now), the Colour and Contour Sticks, and the bronzer. If you are able to get to a Dior counter, I recommend checking out the collection in person as well so you can see the intricate details of the products up close, as well as bask in how pretty the shade range is.

Did you pick up any items from Dior’s Color Games collection?

Please note, products sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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