Large + luscious: Two new sprays to try from Moroccanoil

When it comes to Moroccanoil’s styling line, their line-up was missing a few key items.

I’ve been using Moroccanoil’s products for years now and use their original argan oil and colour care spray quite regularly. Overall I have found their styling products to work really well and nourish hair, which is key considering how much we put our hair through on a daily basis.

Recently, the line released a few new products, two things they recognized as being missing in their line up, a volumizing mist and an all-in-one leave-in conditioner.

Moroccanoil All-in-One Leave-In Conditioner

First up, the Moroccanoil All-in-One Leave-In Conditioner (C$32) is designed to instantly hydrate and detangle hair, as well as prep it for styling. It is infused with their star product, argan oil, as well as naturally derived superfoods. Spray this lightweight product on damp hair prior to styling to help detangle and product against heat damage and breakage.

The second product is the one I am most excited for, the Volumizing Mist (C$32), which the brand says delivers up to 50 per cent fuller hair with a 72-hour lift.  Of course, this is also infused with their argan oil, as well as Dead Sea salt to help lift the root, while still nourishing the hair. This spray is also very lightweight and will leave hair soft, not crunchy.

Moroccanoil Volumizing Mis

You can find both of these products at Moroccanoil brand salons, as well as in Sephora. I was very excited to get them in my collection since I’m always on the hunt for a leave-in conditioner (especially one that has heat production), as well as a volumizing spray. When it comes to adding volume to the hair, I have a lot of serums and mousses, but not a ton of sprays, so this is a welcome addition to my hair collection.

The only thing I want to note is that both of these products, as well as their other sprays, all come in similar packaging, so it can be a little confusing when reaching for these styling products since you really have to read the labels. Other than that though, I do look forward to incorporating these into my haircare routine, alongside my other fave Moroccanoil products.

Moroccanoil Volumizing Mist and All-in-One Leave-In Conditioner

Do you use any Moroccanoil products?

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