Fragrant + full: La Coupe Moroccan Rose Volume Loving haircare

I’ve had a lot of issues with my hair lately.

My colour looks drab (although it is looking a little better thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME products), it’s dry and staticky (thanks Winnipeg winter), and my layers were long and overgrown (I actually just went for a haircut this week). I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest hair product, so when I received LaCoupe’s new Moroccan Rose Volume Loving collection, complete with a bottle of Henkell rose and a new hair towel turban, I was super excited to give this a go.

Okay, so cute bottles aside (seriously though, I’m such a sucker for packaging), LaCoupe’s new offering to their lineup consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and mousse. Like the name says, this haircare line is designed to add volume to your hair and make it smell delectable. I’m actually not really familiar with LaCoupe at all, in fact I totally thought it was a salon brand, but turns out you can buy it at Walmart Canada. Moroccan Rose is the first of four new silicone-free haircare lines in the brand’s eco-friendly Naturals Collection.

This particular line (which comes in giant 500 ml bottles, pretty good value for C$9.99 each) is supposed to strengthen fine and thinning hair, while giving you major volume, all in an environmental-friendly formula. Win-win, right?

La Coupe Moroccan Rose Volume Loving haircare

Like I said, there are three products in the range, a shampoo, conditioner, and volumizing mousse. I couldn’t wait to actually try these out so I hopped in the shower and gave my hair a lather (wow Shayna, nice rhyming there). The shampoo and conditioner contain a blend of rose oil, which helps to add bounce and silkiness to dull hair. It also contains biotin and collagen to plump up your locks and it’s infused with coconut water and 100 per cent pure aloe leaf juice for moisture.

The mousse is a lightweight mousse that instantly thickens and lifts the hair. It also contains biotin and collagen, as well as a blend of natural moisturizers and exotic oils. Lastly, it has a thermal protective formula that will protect your hair against future heat damage.

So did these products work for me? The first time I tried them I liked how my hair looked and felt after showering, but when I woke up the next morning I found my roots looked a little greasy. This no doubt is because I actually put mousse on my hairbrush first, then brushed it in my hair. With this mousse it seems like you’re going to want to avoid applying it that way, and instead use your fingers to massage the product in your hair since it can leave you with greasy-looking hair if applied directly on top. The second time I tried it, I did just that, then blow dried my hair and applied rollers to get major volume (see photo below). As long as you don’t apply the mousse directly to the top of your head, it is a nice product.

The shampoo and conditioner also is quite nice. I like how it comes in a pump bottle so you aren’t wasting product. The smell is also divine. Is it my new favourite? No. But I do like how it gives you nice volume (you can definitely tell your hair has gotten a boost). Would I use this on a regular basis? No, but if I’m planning on doing a hairstyle with a lot of volume, then I would pull it out.

La Coupe Moroccan Rose Volume Loving haircare

Overall this haircare range is okay, it does the trick for volumized hair. I wouldn’t use it on a daily basis since I like using something that’s good for my blonde, but if i want to do an at-home blowout, then I would reach for it.  Formula aside though, the packaging on this is just so cute that I think I would want to display it in my shower full time just to add some cuteness in there (again, I’m such a sucker for packaging).

Have you tried LaCoupe hair products?

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