Fan favourite: Mary Kay Lash Love Fanorama mascara

I’ve always been a fan of Mary Kay’s Lash Love mascara.

I’ve had a few different versions of it through the years; the original in limited edition packaging, the waterproof version… no matter how it looked, I always knew it would perform well. So when I got their newest version of Lash Love, Lash Love Fanorama, I was really excited to try it out.

Mary Kay Lash Love Fanorama mascara

Lash Love Fanorama (C$21) is a limited-edition mascara by the brand that is designed to give you feathery lashes with a fanned-out effect. The brush features a zigzag design to cover your lashes in the original Lash Love formula, and targets your lashes to coat, comb, and fan them out. The brush also has staggered rows of soft and silicone bristles to apply as much mascara to the lashes as possible.

This mascara is only available in one shade (I <3 Black) and is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.  At first glance of the brush I thought I would really enjoy it, however, when using it I didn’t love it as much as the original Lash Love. I didn’t find that it made my lashes look longer or fanned out. It just made them more noticeable, which is what any mascara does anyways.

Mary Kay Lash Love Fanorama mascara brush Mary Kay Lash Love Fanorama mascara brush

I love how it’s the same formula with a different brush to give your lashes a whole new look.  I’m actually interested to maybe see if using the two kinds together would give you dramatic lashes, but I haven’t tried that out just yet.

Overall, if you really like the Lash Love mascara, I would probably just stick with the original formula. With that being said, since this is limited edition, if you did want to try it out and you didn’t love it, you could probably swap out the brushes. I’m not sure if the original wand would fit on this packaging but I would assume it would be the same.

Swatches of Mary Kay Lash Love Fanorama mascara

Have you tried Mary Kay’s new Lash Love Fanorama mascara?

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