Trending beauty: Trying out the TikTok airbrush skin trend

Like a lot of people, I have created a TikTok account during this pandemic.

Prior to COVID I just didn’t get the app and thought it was for teenagers. At almost 32 years old, I just wasn’t cool enough to have an account. Then I downloaded it and saw that it wasn’t just dance moves that teenagers posted.

My TikTok account is actually my dog’s account (follow @ziggy_apupofcolour) and although it’s super fun to create funny dog videos, I’ve been really enjoying just scrolling and seeing what other people post. Seriously, you can learn so many cool things through watching the app. Now one of the things I’ve learned is this hack that will make your skin look filtered IRL.  This trend kinda goes against every makeup rule I have ever read in that you actually apply your setting powder before your primer and foundation.

Products to try out TikTok foundation hack for airbrushed skin

Okay, what?!

So here’s the order: moisturize first, then apply your setting powder, then setting spray, primer, foundation, rest of your makeup.

Everyone was raving about this, so since I got in the new Avon Magix Dust Finishing Powder (C$24), I thought I would give it a try.  This setting powder is actually new from Avon and is available in two shades (Translucent Fair-Light and Translucent Medium-Deep). It’s a weightless mineral powder that has a 100 per cent naturally derived formula. It’s a pure mineral powder with ultra fine tourmaline, powder ruby, and rose quartz.  It helps to set makeup, diffuses light, visibly blurs pores, controls shine, and gives your skin a silky feel and a soft matte finish. The formula also has antioxidant green tea extract to enhance and smooth skin.

Avon Magix Dust Finishing Powder

So after you do your skincare routine, then apply your setting powder to your face, followed by setting spray (I used Make Up For Ever’s Mist & Fix Hydrating Setting Spray). Afterwards, apply your primer (I used Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Face Primer), then foundation (I used NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation), then rest of your makeup.  What you’re left with is flawless filtered-looking skin. Seriously, you will look so glowy and natural when you do this technique. I find that sometimes when I apply my foundation I can still see it sitting on the surface of my skin, but this really helped to absorb the product and make it look like I literally woke up like that.

Now, in doing this technique I was a little confused on if I go ahead and apply my powder again after my concealer to set and bake it. I didn’t bake it when I tried this out initially, but I did apply some powder afterwards and found that it didn’t affect the end result. For my setting spray, I actually used one with SPF to get some added sun protection and my makeup literally lasted me all day. There was no wear or fading.

Swatches of trying out TikTok filtered foundation trend

I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially sold on this trend and if you give it a try, I would love to know what you think. I know it goes against everything we are taught, but hey, it worked like a charm and I’ll definitely be doing my makeup like this again for now on.

Have you tried the TikTok filtered makeup trend?

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