Fresh & fruity: New fragrances you need to try from Nest

It’s no doubt right now that the world is in chaos.

Myself, like a lot of people, is currently working from home and although I love the separation between office and home life, I know it’s a step to ensure a healthier and safer world. So, with that being said, having a nice work space at home is a necessity right now and if you are looking to add a little zen into your home, then take a look at what Nest New York has recently released for spring.

You guys know that Nest Fragrances is one of my favourite home fragrance brands and whenever they come out with new scents, I always make it a priority to smell them. For spring, they have released a couple Italian-inspired scents to bring some vacation vibes into your home, even if your plans got canceled.

Nest Amalfi Lemon & Mint candle

Amalfi Lemon & Mint will transport you to Italy’s Amalfi Coast with a blend of zesty lemon and orange bergamot paired with freshly picked mint and a hint of driftwood. This one is very fresh smelling and although it sounds like an odd couple, the mint and lemon actually go very well together.

If you like earthier scents then take a look at their other new home fragrance, Mediterranean Fig, which features a blend of crushed fig leaves and blue cypress mixed with violet. This one is more reminiscent of the Italian countryside (as opposed to the coast, like Amalfi Lemon & Mint) and definitely has more of an earthy, herbal scent to it.  Nest Mediterranean Fig reed diffuser

Both of these scents are available as votives (C$23), one-wick (C$56), and three-wick (C$90) candles, as well as reed diffusers (C$64).

If you are looking for a new spring perfume to brighten your day, then take a whiff of their new Sunkissed Hibiscus perfume. This eau de perfum is a floral scent that features key notes of frangipani, orange blossom, and golden amber. This is definitely on the lighter side and is one of those perfumes that is so easy to wear no matter the occasion.

With the warmer weather on the horizon, and hopefully soon being able to actually go outside with groups to enjoy it, this will scent will definitely be a staple. Even if you need a little pick me up right now, I think you’ll really enjoy this, even if it means spraying it on to wear around the house.

This perfume is available as a 50 ml spray (C$98) or a travel-sized (C$36).

Nest Sunkissed Hibiscus perfume

I know it may be strange to promote beauty products in this current situation, but this is what I truly love doing and since we are going to be spending more time at home anyways, you might as well create a space that you love being in.

What’s your favourite scent?

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