In a Snap! Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette

You guys know I’m obsessed with everything and anything Fenty Beauty.

There’s very few beauty brands that I every time I try a new product it blows me out of the water. Seriously, every single thing from Fenty Beauty I have loved.

So their newest product? Eyeshadow palettes!

The brand already had a couple different palettes to choose from, but considering how many items their arsenal includes right now, it was surprising that they didn’t put more thought into eyeshadows…. until now.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows

Released a couple months back, the Snap Shadows (C$33, but save money when you buy two!) palettes are a range of eight different palettes in different colour combinations. They are quite small but open up to pack a mighty punch with six shades in complementary colours and matte and shimmer finishes. The reason they are called Snap Shadows is because two palettes can actually snap together back to back to create a thicker palette.

I received three of these to play around with: 1. True Neutrals, 2. Cool Neutrals, and 8. Pastel Frost.  There is also 3. Deep Neutrals, 4. Rose, 5. Peach, 6. Smoky, and 7. Cadet. Since they all feature the same white packaging with the Fenty Beauty logo, the easiest way to differentiate them is by the foiled number on the front.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadow in 1 True Neutrals Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows in Cool Neutrals Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows in Pastel Frost

Each palette opens up to complementary shades in the colour range.  Being a basic girl, my favourite is definitely True Neutrals, which is filled with creams, champagnes, and browns.  I also like Cool Neutrals as well, but those shades play more towards pinks and purples (which is great for blue eyes). Pastel Frost on the other hand is for the more adventurous since it includes more colourful shades like purple, green, yellow, and blue.

I found the formula for these shadows to be very soft and blendable. I really like the colour range and the fact that each palette really does have everything you need for a certain look.  I also like how, although there’s only six shades per palette, it features mattes, shimmers, and glitters, making these very versatile.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows swatches

If you’re having a hard time choosing which shade range to go for, I think 1. True Neutrals is really the best bet for just about anyone. From there, I would choose one of the others and snap it on the back to create your perfect customized palette specifically for your personal preference.

For the perfect eye look, I also recommend picking up their shadow base, the Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer (C$29), which is the primer I use for just about any shadow look. Apply this to the eyes prior to applying your eyeshadow to make it last longer and more vibrant.

Have you tried Fenty Beauty’s new Snap Shadows?

Please note, I received this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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