Milky smooth: CoverGirl’s new Clean Fresh Collection

You guys know I have a thing for CoverGirl.

Basically since I started blogging, CoverGirl has been one of those brands that has really gone above and beyond in showing appreciation to bloggers. I’ve watched them transform over the years, completely reinventing themselves two times now, and being sold from P&G to Coty.

Since I like to think I have a pretty close relationship with the brand, every time they release a new product, I pretty much have to get my hands on it. They have truly become a brand equivalent of a friend, one you want to support and one that you’re so excited for when they do new and cool things.

The newest and coolest thing they have done recently? Well, they’ve released their first vegan collection and announced a new Covergirl, Lili Reinhart.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh collection Skim Milk foundation

The Clean Fresh collection is their first collection that is vegan and free of talc, formaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.  The collection includes a lightweight foundation, a tinted lip oil, a glow stick, and a cream blush.

The Clean Fresh Skim Milk Foundation (C$8.97) is available in 14 different shades from light to dark and is a nourishing liquid foundation that gives your skin moisture, as well as a glowy, dewy finish.  The formula is lightweight, so it’s great for everyday wear and includes coconut and soothing aloe to keep skin hydrated.  It also helps to blur imperfections and create a more even skin tone.

For the perfect glowy flush, try the new Clean Fresh Cream Blush, which is infused with hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and plump up the cheeks. It comes in four different colours and is very pigmented, so a little definitely goes a long way.

For the lips, try their Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil (C$10.99, currently on sale for C$5.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart), which gives you moisturized lips with a hint of colour. Available in six shades, this hydrating gloss, is formulated with coconut and pomegranate oils, as well as Vitamin E to keep lips nice and soft for up to six hours.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Cream Blush and Lip Oil

Finally, the Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick (which I did not receive or try out), is a cream highlighter that instantly cools skin and leaves you with a dewy glow. This would be perfect for summer days or on vacation where you want to wear minimal makeup, but still have that beach-ready glow.

CoverGirl sent over two shades in the foundation, the orange shade in the cream blush (Flushed), and the berry shade in the Lip Oil (Sour Grapes). I found the foundation to wear really nicely, and although it is a little lighter than I would usually wear for everyday, it is one of those foundations that is perfect to keep in your collection since it does the trick and it’s very weightless to wear.  It smoothes out my skin nicely and covered up any imperfections I have. I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot as the weather gets a little warmer (although it would be perfect for right now since it’s so dry out outside and this is nice and hydrating).

As for the other two products, I’m not really a cream blush kind of girl, and truthfully, I probably wouldn’t go with orange. I found this product to really go on quite opaque, so because of that, you only really need a teeny-tiny amount, as a little really does go a long way. Since they sent me the orange shade, I did feel a little clown-like when I applied it, but I ended up taking my foundation brush and whatever was left on that I used to buff out the colour.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Lip Oil wand

Again, I’m not a cream blush person, but I do enjoy wearing them on a hot vacation or a day at the beach or pool since creams tend to stay on your face better in humid weather than powder does.

As for the lip oil, the shade they sent me was the dark berry one, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that these actually go on quite sheer, so I didn’t mind the colour in the end. It did have a slight berry tinge to it, but it was very pretty once applied.  These are really nice on the lips and I did find them to be nice and hydrating. They leave you with a slight glossy texture, but not sticky, which is right up my alley.

This does come in a clear version as well, and you can easily layer these over any lipstick or liquid lipstick for some extra moisture to the lips.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh collection swatches

Overall, I really liked this collection and thought that for the most part, the products that they chose to release worked well. I hope they come out with more vegan items to include, like a mascara, primer and lipsticks, since clean beauty is definitely something that has been on many people’s radars for a while now.

In general, consumers are definitely paying more attention to the products and the chemicals and ingredients that are in beauty products, so the fact that CoverGirl, a drugstore beauty brand, has launched a vegan line, really says something about the company and being aware of what their customers want.

Do you wear clean beauty? Will you try CoverGirl’s new Clean Fresh line?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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