Sparkle & Shine: Top holiday picks from Quo Cosmetics

One brand I haven’t tried much of… Quo Cosmetics.

In case you aren’t familiar with Quo, it’s the in-house brand at Shoppers Drug Mart.  The line has pretty much everything you’ll need to do a fabulous makeup look and if you’re looking for some great sets to gift, then I highly recommend checking them out.

From palettes to accessories to brushes, Quo has a ton of great gift ideas up their pocket this season.  Although I haven’t tried much from them, the first brush set I ever received was actually from Quo and it was a gift from my dad for Hanukkah.  Their brushes are very good quality and I actually still have all of the ones I got so many years ago (and they’re still in a fab condition).

If you’re looking for something affordable and great quality, then keep reading…

Quo Oh La La Eyeshadow Palette

Ooh La La Eye Palette

An eyeshadow palette is always a great gift idea since who has ever said “I have too many eyeshadow palettes.” No one, that’s who.

The Ooh La La Palette (on sale for C$19.99, regular C$25) opens up to 12 shadows in different formulations. There’s mattes, shimmers, and glitters in here, making it perfect for the holiday season.

I really like the choice of shades that the brand chose to include in this palette. In terms of size, it would be comparable to the UD Naked Palettes.

I think these colours are all very wearable and I love the glitters in here. I will note though that i didn’t really find this palette to be the most pigmented. Some shades applied better than others, but for only $20, you can’t go wrong and it’s a gorgeous palette to open up.

Quo Glam on the Gloss Brush Set

Glam on the Go Brush Set

Like I said, if there is one item that Quo does really well, it’s their brushes.

Although they have a few different sets to choose from this season, I’m really digging their Glam on the Go brush set (on sale for C$19.99, regular C$25 and valued at C$50). This set contains six travel-sized brushes and a canister pouch to carry them all in.

Quo brushes are 100 per cent synthetic and cruelty free.  This particular set features pink glitter handles, which are totally holiday and girly-appropriate. Included in the set is a powder brush, a foundation brush, a fluffy crease brush, an all-over shadow brush, a smudge brush, and a pointed line brush… pretty much all the brushes you need for the perfect eye look.

This set is sold out online, however, check your local store to see if they still have it. At only C$20 it’s a steal of a deal!

Quo Highlight and Glow Palette

Highlight & Glow Palette

Another great palette to pick up is their limited-edition holiday version of the Highlight & Glow Palette (on sale for C$19.99, regular C$25).

This palette opens up to reveal six highlighters in different shades with a star embossed on each. When I first saw it I got major Jeffree Starr vibes from it. Although some colours are more wearable than others, you can also use some of the darker ones on your eyes to add some extra va va voom to your holiday shadow look.

Quo Holiday Ready Makeup Set

Holiday Ready Makeup Kit

For a larger gift, take a look at the Quo Holiday Ready Makeup Kit (on sale for C$31.99, regular C$40).

This festive tin opens up to four items; a highlighter, a cream blush, an eyeshadow palette, and an eyeshadow brush. Although it’s not enough items to do a full makeup look, I do quite enjoy the assortment of products they chose to include in this set.

I think this set would be perfect for a teenager or those just getting into makeup since it gives some great base products to create a variety of different looks.

Quo Matte Lip Crayon Set and Cosmetic Crackers in Rose Set

Cosmetics Crackers

I love picking up these cracker sets since they are great gifts to split up for friends and coworkers.

Quo actually has their Cosmetic Crackers (on sale for C$10.99, regular C$15) in both gold and rose gold. These come with six crackers that open up to reveal different holiday gloss shades.  Throw them in a stocking or a gift bag and see some joy spread on your receivers’ face when they open them.

Quo Matte Lip Crayon Set

Matte Lip Crayon Set

For the lip lover, gift the Matte Lip Crayon Set (on sale for C$14.99, regular C$20).

This set contains eight matte lip crayons in a variety of shades from light to dark. This is another set where you can split it up or just gift it as is since it really does contain a great shade range, making it perfect for someone who is looking to build up their lipstick collection.

These glide on the lips and pack them with colour. Since the crayons are about the size of a normal lipstick, it makes them perfect for travel as well.

Quo Blend and Glow Blending Sponge Set

Blend & Glow Blending Sponge Set

Why spend C$25 on one blending sponge when you can have five?

I’m actually quite picky with blending sponges as I find a lot of them to be too dense for my liking.  With that being said, I was actually pleasantly surprised when I tried out the Quo version as it was soft and bouncy, perfect for blending out face products.

This set (on sale for C$18.49, regular C$25) contains five sponges in different sizes. Like a lot of these kits, you can gift this as-is or split it up (I actually ended up keeping two for myself and then gifting the rest to various friends).

In case you haven’t used these before, make sure you dampen the sponge first and then use it in a patting motion to apply cream products to your face.

Quo Face Stick Trio

Face Stick Trio

Speaking of cream face products, for those who love a little cream creek product, then take a look at the Face Stick Trio (on sale for C$19.99, regular C$25).

This set contains a cream blush, bronzer, and highlighter. I’m typically not into cream face products since I like to powder my face first anyways (you typically don’t put a cream over a powder), however, I do love using these for hot vacations or trips.  I think this set would be great for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup since this allows them to throw on these products with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, allowing for an easy effortless look.

Quo Beauty on the Go kit

Beauty on the Go set

Saved the best for last!

The Beauty of the Go set (on sale for C$16.99, regular C$20) is a little beauty emergency kit filled with all the products you need in case you’re out and about and have a beauty emergency.

This gold sequin pouch is small enough to throw in your bag this season and comes with a ton of little accessories in case anything goes wrong while you’re out at a holiday party. Open the pouch to find a mirror, emery board, nail clippers, mini tweezers, blotting papers, hair elastics, foam-tip applicators, bobby pins, tape, and a mini blending sponge.

I love this little thing and seriously, it would make a good gift for just about any girl on your list. Plus, the sequin gold pouch is the cutest!

Quo also has a ton more products available right now in their holiday collection, and best of all, they are all currently on sale, so now is the time to grab them! Also, if you are unable to make it to a Shoppers Drug Mart, it looks like they are offering free shipping on Quo products, so really you have no excuse.

Are you gifting any items from Quo this season?

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