Always a good idea: My top holiday picks from Sephora Collection

You can really never go wrong with anything from Sephora.

Since the store sells so many brands, it can be overwhelming to set foot in there and try to find the best of what you’re looking for. In case you didn’t know, the store also has a brand as well, Sephora Collection, that has just about anything you need to do your makeup (and then some). Best of all, the products are high quality and usually don’t cost as much as other brands in the store.

I always love seeing what they put out every year as part of their holiday collection and if you are interested in picking up some items from the brand, here are my top picks.

Sephora Collection Midnight Wishes Eyeshadow palette

Sephora Collection Midnight Wishes Eyeshadow palette

Sephora Collection Midnight Wishes Eyeshadow Palette

Starting off with palettes, eyeshadow palettes always make fabulous gifts since they are an item you can use all year long and pretty much a staple for anyone’s collection.

Sephora Collection has a few of them this season, but I’ve been loving the Midnight Wishes Eyeshadow Palette (on sale for C$20), which includes 16 eyeshadows in matte, shimmer, and metallic formulas. Since the shades in here are pretty neutral (think of it like a giant Naked palette), this is the perfect eyeshadow palette to gift just about anyone since they can use it to create a variety of looks, from day to night.

Sephora Collection Enchanting Colours Eye and Face Palette

If you want to gift something a little more versatile, take a look at the Enchanting Colours Eye and Face Palette (C$23), which features eyeshadows, brow powders, and a blush. This palette includes eight matte and shimmer shadows (including two illuminators), two brow powders in neutral shades, and a rose-coloured blush.

Although Sephora says that there isn’t a bronzer and highlight in here, the bottom row can definitely be used as such, so you get everything you need in here to create a look for the face. The eyeshadow looks are quite neutral so you can do a variety of looks with this palette.

In the Blink of an Eye Eyeshadow Palette 

Sephora Collection releases some form of this itty-bitty eyeshadow palette every holiday season.  For only C$6 this makes the perfect small gift, topper gift, or stocking stuffer.

Open up the matchbook-sized container to reveal three neutral eyeshadow shades that you can customize to create a variety of looks. There’s a matte cream, and shimmery taupe, and a shimmering brown in here, which makes it easy to go from day to night with this palette.

Sephora Collection holiday 2018 palettes

Moon Phases Face Palette

If you’re looking for more of a face palette, then check out the Moon Phases Face Palette (on sale for C$15). This palette, which features blush duos and highlights in matte, metallic, and pearl finishes, allows you to create a variety of cheek looks as it contains multiple shades of highlighters and blushes.

Not only is the theme of this palette unique, but the way that the brand split up the products is cool too. The six half moons are matte and pearl blush duos and the three full-size pans are highlighters.  I will say that the only thing this palette doesn’t really have is a good bronzer to use for contouring. I did use it in the photo below (the eyeshadow is from the Midnight Wishes palette), and the blush colour I used as a contour was a touch too red. It still worked, but if you are looking to gift an all-around face palette that includes everything, then you may want to look otherwise.

Swatches of Sephora Collection Midnight Wishes eyeshadow palette and Moon Phases Face Palette

Fringe Lash Set

Eyelashes are always a good idea and one of my favourite items from Sephora Collection every holiday season are their faux lash sets.

The Fringe Lash Set (no longer available online) includes a pair of natural-volume faux lashes, which will add length and volume to give you a wispy look. This set comes housed in a durable sparkly rose gold case which has a mirror inside, as well as a tube of the Sephora Collection lash adhesive.

Tinsel Time False Lash

These faux lashes (on sale for C$7, regular C$15) which feature tinsel detailing will be sure to get you in the holiday season, stat!

These are actually in the style Demure and feature a metallic holographic silver foil tinsel at the outer corners of each lash. Since these are a full style, be prepared to rock some serious volume and dimension, which will be sure to up the ante for any festive look.

I don’t typically like lashes that feature extra details like foil, but these aren’t too bad. Thankfully Sephora didn’t go overboard with the silver, so I think these are pretty wearable and would make a beautiful lash for a New Years Eve party as well.

Sephora Collection Tinsel Demure Eyelashes, Fringe Lash Set, Blend and Clean Sponge Set and Twinkle Sponge

Blend & Clean Sponge Set

Everyone needs a makeup sponge in their life and Sephora Collection has a great value set this season. This Blend & Clean Sponge Set (C$19) has three blending sponges in various sizes, along with a mini Solid Clean brush cleanser to clean them with.

Included is a medium gorge-shapes blending sponge, a medium chiseled blending sponge, and a mini egg-shaped blending sponge. I find Sephora Collection sponges to be hit or miss. For the most part, I have found them to be a little too stiff for my liking, however, I do have a set of their mini ones for concealer, and really liked the consistency of those. These feel like they will be bouncy, and you can always give them a try because at C$19, they’ll cost you less than the price of one Beauty Blender.

Twinkle Sponge 

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of the same shape as the Beauty Blender, then take a look at Twinkle Sponge ornament.

Not available anymore online, but you can probably still find it at your local store, this limited edition version of the bestselling Total Coverage Sponge comes in a navy sparkly version and features a rounded shape to fit all contours of the face. The sponge comes housed in a clear star case which you can hang on your tree.

Tinsel Time Clutch

Pair your tinsel lashes with this tinsel clutch for the ultimate holiday look.

This envelope-style clutch (on sale for C$12) features tinsel and two snap closures to tote your accessories and makeup for a night out. The clutch is quite large so you can definitely store a ton of stuff in here. It is clear, but there’s enough tinsel so no one will be able to snoop around your bag.

I do find it odd that Sephora is offering this item since it is marketed as a clutch, but I would totally sport this as a festive makeup bag as well. Also, for C$12, it makes the perfect little gift bag to hold other makeup items that’s in your bestie’s present this year.

Sephora Collection Tinsel Time Clutch, Rising Star Canister Brush Set

Rising Star Canister Brush Set

You can never go wrong with a brush set, and this six-piece set from Sephora will make anyone’s heart skip a beat when they unwrap it this season.

For C$49, this set is a total steal since it includes five brushes all housed in the most sparkly canister which you can also use as a brush holder. The brushes include a complexion brush, an angled highlight brush, an angled shadow brush, a precision shadow brush, and a pointed smudge brush.

I absolutely love Sephora Collection brushes and always recommend them during the holidays since there is amazing value here. Plus, with all that glitter, this will make the most festive gift.

Sephora Collection Rising Star Canister Brush Set

Almond Foot Mask

At C$6 a pop, these foot masks from Sephora Collection make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Since winter is in full-fledged force here in Winnipeg, that means lots of dry skin to come. These disposable sock masks are soaked in a rich formula to soften and condition feet. The almond mask, available in a limited-edition festive packaging, comforts and nourishes dry feet and softens rough areas with almond extract.

A gift like this is truly for everyone, since who doesn’t like soft feet?

Glitter and Chill Cooling Mask

Another gift that could seriously be for anyone, the Glitter and Chill Cooling Mask is unfortunately sold out online but you may be able to still find it in your local Sephora store.

Pop this glittery eye mask in the fridge for 30 minutes and then pop it on your face to soothe eyes and reduce puffiness. The holiday season means lots of parties, cocktails and champagne, so wearing this bad boy the morning after will be a saving grace for anyone you gift it to (or just pick it up for yourself, it’s that cute!).

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Collector's Set

Cream Lip Stain Collector’s Set

I’ve been a fan of the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains for a while, so when I saw this set I thought it would be the perfect gift for the gal (or guy) who can’t get enough matte liquid lipsticks.

At C$34 (valued at C$108), this set includes six Cream Lip Stains in a variety of flattering colours (FYI you get six for the price of two in here). Shades include Always Red, Pink Souffle, Copper Blush, Glowing Beige, Soft Coral, and Purple Red. These matte liquid lip colours glide on the lips seamlessly and dry down to a matte finish. They are also infused with avocado oil, meaning that your lips are nourished as you wear them.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Collector's Set swatches

Mini Cream Lip Stain Set

If you’re looking for something smaller to gift, then take a look at the Mini Cream Lip Stain Set  (on sale for C$10), which includes four minis of the Cream Lip Stains.

Included in this set are the shades Crimson Crush, Always Red, Pink Tea, and Sweet Raspberry. This set is awesome since it gives your recipient deluxe samples of this lipstick, meaning they can test out the colours to see if they like the formula and the shades.  Also, the small sizes are just big enough to fit in even the most compact clutch.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there are so many great gift ideas for pretty much anyone on your list this season. There’s also about a hundred more items I didn’t talk about, but hey, I love giving you guys any excuse possible to pop into a Sephora store or check out the items online.

Are any items from Sephora Collection on your list this year?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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