Quick & easy: Sephora Collection Colour Switch by Vera Mona Brush Cleaner

When you have as many brushes as I do it starts to become a tedious process to clean them all. Although I have probably around 50 of these things laying around, I have my set few which I use pretty much everyday but because of so much use, they often get a lot of buildup of product in their bristles, and in the case of eyeshadow, can become quite dirty if I’m using a certain colour.

Ever do a smoky eye on the weekend and then reach for that same brush for Monday to use with a light eyeshadow? Whoops, there’s still black on there that will get transferred to your lids if you reuse it without washing. Brushes are such a pain to clean and take forever to dry (I wash mine at night and let them air dry overnight). I think most of us had have this problem and Sephora has a solution for it.

Sephora Collection Mini Colour Switch by Vera Mona

The Sephora Collection Color Switch by Vera Mona Brush Cleaner is a dry makeup-removing sponge that allows you to wipe your brush off and switch colours without having to switch brushes. Available in a regular and travel-sized version, this sponge which is housed in a tin is a dry alternative to that makeup brush cleaning problem. All you have to do is swipe your brush over the sponge until the pigment is removed. The sponge is reusable, in fact you’ll see it getting dirty, and once it’s too dirty to keep using, simply turn it over. When both sides have had enough, you can wash the sponge with warm water and soap or can be sprayed with a disinfecting brush cleaner for a quicker clean.

I was very sceptical about this product because at first I thought that it would have some sort of residue on it that would remove the powder, however, it just appears to be a sponge. I have a few white-coloured brushes that I thought would be perfect to try this out on and although it didn’t fully take the colour off the brush bristles, I didn’t experience any colour from the previous shade that was on there. I’m really curious to know what this sponge is made of since it looks like it’s a regular-looking sponge that you pay a few dollars for, as opposed to the C$23 that it retails for at Sephora.

Sephora Collection Mini Colour Switch by Vera Mona

Overall, I think this is a really cool product and perfect for travel. I mean, who wants to pack 15 different brushes with them when they travel? I was super hesitant that this would work, but was ultimately really impressed with the fact that it didn’t transfer previous colours which were on my brush. Unfortunately, the only downside is the steep retail price, but to be fair, a Beauty Blender retails for around the same price as well and it’s also just a sponge…

Have you tried the Sephora Collection Color Switch by Vera Mona Brush Cleaner? What were your thoughts?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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