Feeling curvy: L’Oreal Paris Unlimited mascara

Although I got a ton of stuff at last month’s #LDBeauty event, I was really excited to give L’Oreal Paris’ new mascara a try.

Since I absolutely adore their Lash Paradise mascara I had super high expectations for the new Unlimited mascara. This product features a bendable brush to reach even the smallest lashes. You can either use it the good ol’ fashioned way, or bend the brush to coat every lash.

The formula is billed as a lash-lift effect that gives you intense, lengthened lashes. The brush itself is tapered so you can precisely reach every single lash, including those hard-to-reach ones on the inner corners.

L'Oreal Paris Unlimited mascara wand L'Oreal Paris Unlimited mascara bent brush

L’Oreal says that the formula will give you 24-hour wear, and although I have not tried it out for that stretch of time, I will say that it does give you lifted lashes for a number of hours. I’ve been pretty much using this mascara exclusively since I got it, and although I don’t really use the bent part that much, I will say that it gives you nice lashes.

So how does it compare to Lash Paradise? I would have to say that these are different. Lash Paradise gives you thicker lashes, whereas this one I find gives you length and separation. The brushes are also completely different. If anything, I think I would start off with Lash Paradise then use Unlimited to separate and lengthen out the lashes for the ultimate look.

Swatch of L'Oreal Paris Unlimited mascara

I am also happy to report that this mascara does not smudge or flake during the day, just simply put it on and go.  Unfortunately I’m not sure when this mascara officially launches here in Canada as there is no info on it yet on the L’Oreal Paris site or the London Drugs site. I have found it online at other Canadian retailers though, so you may be able to get your hands on it this month.

Do I think it’s better than Lash Paradise? Like I said, they are different, but if I had to pick just one, I think I would still go with Lash Paradise, it’s just such a good mascara.

Are you excited to try L’Oreal Paris’ new Unlimited mascara?

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