Mixology: Marc Anthony haircare styling cocktails

I probably have a million styling products. Okay, a million is kinda an exaggeration, but I have a lot.

Usually when I wash my hair I use at least three different styling products, a split-end tamer, a serum, and some other spray or serum that has to do with colour, adds volumizing, sleeks hair, etc. Lately I’ve been loving Marc Anthony Haircare’s different styling cocktails.

Since multi-use products are always a good idea, the Canadian beauty brand has a collection of different serums that target different hair concerns. Whether that be adding volume, smoothing, defining and defrizzing, texture and volume, or sleek and straight. These dual ended products combine two products in one package which you can mix and match or just use the one formula.

I received the Volume Cocktail, which adds thick and full volume to hair, awhile ago and I’ve been using it pretty much non-stop ever since. This dual-chamber formula combines a volumizing cream with a roof-lifting souffle for full hair that doesn’t fall flat. Like I said, you can open both chambers to combine the product, or keep one shut to use just one.

Other cocktails include the Sleek & Straight Smoothing Cocktail, which has a glossing lotion and a smoothing cream; the Curl Cocktail for defining & defrizzing, which has a defrizzing curl cream with enhancing curl lotion to define thick curls without drying them out; and the Texture & Volume Beach Wave Cocktail, which is a lightweight volumizing lotion and texture cream for full volume, textured waves with shine.

I received all of the different cocktails aside from the beach waves one and absolutely love them. Although the formula is incredible, I love the simplicity of the product since it’s two in one that you can use either on its own or mix together. Of course if you pick up multiple formulas then you can mix and match them to create a styling product that is truly tailored to your hair.

Marc Anthony haircare styling cocktail dispenser Hair using the Marc Anthony haircare Volume Cocktail

No matter what formula you pick up, you can’t go wrong with these. They are also super affordable at around $10 per bottle depending on where you shop. I will note that these are on sale right now at London Drugs for C$3.99, so if you’re interested in them, now is the time to buy!

Have you tried any of the Marc Anthony haircare styling cocktails?

Please note, products provided by PR. All opinions are my own.

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