Lashes 2 kill: Physician’s Formula Killer Curves mascara

You can never try out too many mascaras.

I’ve been on this drugstore mascara kick lately and honestly, I’ve been so impressed with what these brands have been releasing as they really have taken things up a notch over the past few years.

I recently reviewed a couple new Physician’s Formula items and have been impressed with what the line has been releasing. I haven’t really used much from the line over the years, but always have been so intrigued by it since the ingredients they seem to use are so innovative.

Anyways, this brings me to today’s post where I tried out the Killer Curves mascara. This mascara, which was gifted to me by London Drugs (C$14.99), is a volumizing mascara available in two shades, black and black/brown, that has lash-lifting polymers and collagen to provide a combination of curl and volume. Since it seems that Physician’s Formula products always aim to do the body good, it also contains provitamin B5, polymers, collagen, amino acids, and peptides.

Physician's Formula Killer Curves mascara wand

As for the brush, you apply this mascara thanks to the slight hourglass-shaped wand that coats and sets every lash; yes, even those tiny ones on the corner. For me, when it comes to what I like in a mascara, the brush is a huge factor and I found this brush to be the perfect size to coat each lash, leaving them looking fuller and longer.

Overall, I think this mascara does the trick. It worked well for my lashes as they did look more voluminous. I do like the fact that it contains vitamins, so you are actually nourishing your lashes as you wear this.

Is this mascara any different from other drugstore formulas out there? I think it compares to a lot of my favourites, but it didn’t strike me as being a memorable mascara. I would put it in my “it did the trick” pile, but it’s not anything extraordinary.

Before and after using Physician's Formula Killer Curves mascara

It left my lashes long, curled, and noticeable, and when it comes down to it, that’s all you really need for a mascara.

Have you tried Physician’s Formula Killer Curves mascara? Let me know your thoughts.

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR. AllĀ opinions are my own.

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