From work to life: My favourite fall fashion items from Le Chateau

Fall is totally my favourite season.

Although we are still technically in summer, the weather is getting cooler here in Winnipeg and I’ve already been craving everything pumpkin spice (don’t tell anyone, but I totally had a PSL the day they came out).  Aside from everything pumpkin, one of my favourite things about the season is totally the fashion. I love chunky sweaters, pants, boots, and long cozy jackets.

Since I work in an office, fall also means that I can actually dress for the weather, rather than being way too hot in office clothes for +30 degrees.  Since a new season means new clothes, I was so excited to pop into some of my favourite retailers to pick up some new pieces for fall.  One of those retailers was Le Chateau since I’ve basically known about the Canadian brand for pretty much my whole life and I love how fashion-forward their items are (not to mention the fact that they are from the stylish city of Montreal).

Le Chateau polka dot print blouse from fall 2018 workwear line Le Chateau fall 2018 workwear line Walking in Downtown Winnipeg wearing Le Chateau Fall 2018 workwear line

My colleague Dayna and I (who is also one of my besties) popped into the CF Polo Park location a couple weeks ago and in true Shayna-Dayna form, picked up similar outfits from their new fall 2018 workwear collection. I can’t tell you how many pieces of clothes we have that are the exact same (seriously, one of us will buy something and then the next day, the other one has it).

We often text each other at lunch asking to go for a walk in the area or grab a coffee, so throwing on this stunning and warm Check Print Brushed Viscose Sweater Coat has totally come in handy (we both ended up buying this one and didn’t even plan it). I love pairing it with this super flattering and totally work-appropriate Polka Dot Print Tie Neck Blouse, which to be honest, I didn’t think the whole print-on-print thing would jive, but I love how complementary the two patterns look.

Both Dayna and I picked up Tech Stretch Skinny Leg Pant in black, which is a super flattering and comfortable pant. Since these are slim, I love tucking either a bodysuit or a blouse (like the white polka dot one) into them and then pairing it with a jacket for a totally on-trend fall look. When we went for coffee earlier this week, Dayna paired the pants with this super cute black bodysuit from the Roxy Earle Le Chateau line (I have it in pink) and then threw on this stunning yellow faux-suede jacket that drapes in the front. The yellow really added that pop of colour (no self-plug intended) and totally reminded me of the changing leaves of the season.

Standing in Downtown Winnipeg wearing Le Chateau Drinking coffee at Grey Owl Coffee in Downtown Winnipeg

Although I often use my lunch hours to catch up on blog stuff, I do try to make a point a couple times a week to leave my desk and get some fresh air.  Since we have so many coffee shops in the area around where we work, a simple text with the word “walk?” usually gets us out of the office, grabbing a coffee, and chatting about stuff that isn’t work related (work-life balance, ya know?).

How do you spend your lunch hours? Also, what is your favourite fall fashion item?

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