Fruity + flirty: Smashbox Cosmetics new items for spring 2018

Whether it’s drugstore or prestige, I have been so impressed lately with what brands have been putting out.

Hot on the heels of their Photo Edit Eyeshadow Trios and the Always On Liquid Lipsticks, Smashbox has recently released a new mascara, a new liquid eyeliner, and some scented primer waters to their already impressive arsenal of products.

Since I love trying out new mascaras (especially ones from prestige lines – hey, if you’re going to spend a lot of money on something, it should be great), the brand recently released on March 15 the Super Fan Fanned-Out mascara.  Smashbox promises standout, fanned-out lashes thanks to its lengthening formula, and since their whole schtick is photoshoot makeup, they call this a “wind machine for your lashes”, which is so Beyonce of them.

The 360-degree precision brush uses a double-bristle blend of firm brushes that are quite short to apply the product to your lashes.  The comb is soft, thus reaching those shorter lashes you didn’t even know you had.

I’ve been using this mascara for the past week and do quite like it.  Is it my favourite? No, but it does a good job. My lashes look longer and pronounced, however, I wish they looked more feathery and soft (more whispier), which is part of the claim by the brand (94 per cent saw a fanned-out look). I do find, however, that once the formula starts to dry a little, my mascara usually performs better, so I have a feeling that I’ll like it a little more down the road.

As for wear, there is zero flaking with this, and best of all, it stays on even through a sweaty spin class (and I mean sweaty). The mascara retails for C$24, which is a fair price for a mascara found at Sephora. I really liked the brush on this since the bristles are quite short, meaning you can really get in there and coat every lash.

Smashbox Superfan mascara and Always On liquid liner Swatches of Smashbox Always On Liquid Liner and Super Fan mascara

Now since every mascara need a good liner, Smashbox has also released the Always On Liquid Eyeliner, which is a fine-point liquid liner that they promise has a 24-hour wear.

The packaging on this reminds me of a Christian Louboutin shoe thanks to its black and red branding.  The liner applies like a dream and there was no skipping or smudging at all once it dries down (it also made it through the same sweaty spin class).  Liquid liners can be quite finicky, since I find a lot of them to be not quite wet enough, but at the same time, I don’t want it too wet that it smudges. It’s hard to find a great liquid liner, but this comes damn close. The brand says its waterproof, but it is easy to remove at the end of the day, which is always a plus.  The liner retails for C$28, but I definitely recommend it.

Finally, Smashbox has enlisted the help of popular YouTuber Nicol Concilio in coming up with three fruity scents for their Photo Finish Primer Water.  These limited-edition spray-on waters set, refresh, and prime your makeup, while also heightening your mood, thanks to its soothing scent. Available in three scents, Serene Greens (cucumber), So-Chill Coconut (coconut and vanilla), and Centering Citrus (blood orange and grapefruit), these are infused with electrolytes to improve makeup application, skin hydration, and radiance. Spray it on before makeup application, after you’re done your makeup, and later on throughout the day for a little pick me up, both in how your face looks and your mood.

Smashbox Serene Greens Primer Water

I received Serene Greens, which is so nice to use first thing in the morning.  Although I typically use a cream primer, I have been using this and have found that my makeup has been looking flawless. I also use it to set everything, and again, it’s really nice to spray on at the end of your makeup application to give you that little pick me up.

I really love these and although I haven’t smelled the So-Chill Coconut, I know that one would probably be my favourite since we are heading into the summer season and nothing screams summer to me more than coconut.  This will definitely be in my makeup bag every time I travel this year.

I also want to note that the actual spray on this is phenomenal. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but with setting sprays you want the product to mist onto your face.  I have a few sprays that squirt the product on, which doesn’t do much for my makeup, aside from potentially messing it up.  Smashbox nailed it on the packaging and once I’m done the solution in the bottle, I’m definitely going to keep this on hand since it gives you the most perfect mist for primer/setting sprays.

Smashbox Super Fan mascara and Always On liquid liner applied

Overall I’m very impressed with what Smashbox has come out with for spring.  Out of the three, I recommend the scented Primer Waters the most, since they’re so versatile, but hey, who doesn’t need a good mascara and liquid liner as well? 😉

Will you be trying out any new products from Smashbox this season?

Please note, Smashbox sent me these products for review. All opinions are my own.

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