Stuck together: TOK Beauty It Takes Two Silk Magnetic Lashes

When it comes to wacky beauty trends, I can definitely say that magnetic lashes definitely makes the list.

These false lashes that require no glue have been around for a few years now, but they are definitely making headway with lots more brands coming out with their own versions. Like I said, there is no glue required, and instead they are held together by tiny little magnets on the strip that sandwich the top and bottom lashes between your natural lash.

I had previously tried out another brand of the lashes and the thing about them is that they are so hard to apply. Since there are two lashes that you are dealing with, I found it beyond frustrating to get the two lashes to attach together without one end sticking out. They also just didn’t look natural, it looked like I was wearing fake lashes, but definitely not in a good way. Long story short, I said forget it, shoved them in my lash drawer, and moved on.

Shortly after that fiasco, I was sent a DM by a Canadian lash brand, TOK Beauty, who asked me to try out their silk magnetic lashes. I straight up told her I would try them out, but I had tried a different brand previously and was not happy with the results. She said she completely understood, but that they have a tool that helps with application, as well as YouTube videos, that help with getting the hang of it.

TOK Beaty It Takes Two magnetic lashes TOK Beauty magnetic lashes with applicator

I received a couple pairs of their It Takes Two Silk Magnetic Lashes, which at first glance, looked to be of higher quality than the previous brand I tried. One pair is a more natural lash and the other is glamourous. Both lashes are half lashes, making them look very natural paired with your real lashes.

Each pair of lashes come with four strips, a top and bottom for your left eye, and a top and bottom for your right. Each strip has three magnetics on them, one on either side and one in the middle.

So how do you apply these? First do your makeup as you normally would do. I like using eyeliner since the eyeliner helps pull the look together and camouflage the band. Apply your mascara, then get ready to apply these. You can use your hands and try to sandwich them together hoping that the magnets will catch where they are supposed to, however, the real lifesaver here is the applicator. The applicator is a rose gold tweezer-looking device that has two curved ends where you are supposed to put the lashes. Since the applicator is metal, the lashes stick to the applicator (top strip has the magnets down and the bottom has the magnets facing up) and then you put it between your natural lashes, press down, and voila! Perfect application. Check out her YouTube video on it here.

I got the hang of this on my second try and I was so impressed with how the lashes looked that I jumped on Instagram Stories right away to chat about it. Not only did the applicator save the day, but the lashes themselves looked so natural with my real lashes. I was very impressed.

Before and after using the TOK Beauty It Takes Two Magnetic Lashes

Unfortunately, the price on these are quite steep. They retail for $79.99 (I think this is in Canadian dollars), but I was told by the founder Tara, that if taken good care of, they can last you at least 20 wears. The lashes are made from 100 per cent handmade silk and are very soft and full. Once on, they really do look gorgeous and natural. To remove them you put your fingers on the lash and gently slid them apart to break the magnets.

So why magnetic lashes? Well, they are more sanitary since there is no glue involved (meaning you don’t have to worry about them coming off, perfect for brides or that day at the beach or pool). These also look very natural on, similar to the look you would have if you got lash extensions. They are basically lash extensions, but without actually attaching to your lashes, kinda like clip-in hair extensions.

There are a lot of different magnetic lashes out there at the moment (Ardell just came out with a pair), but the majority of the ones I have seen on people look very fake, and honestly, if you’re going to invest your money in these, spend wisely and get these ones by TOK Beauty. The other pair I got from the other brand had a full-length lash and a half lash and the half lash had the magnet in the middle, which was pointless since the ends would stick out.

Makeup look featuring the TOK Beauty It Takes Two Magnetic Lashes

Now with this being said, again, the reason these work so well is because they have the applicator to apply them, which I believe come free with the purchase. Without the applicator, I definitely would not have had the same experience. I did try to apply them first using just my fingers and it was frustrating. The applicator really makes all the difference in the world.

Although I have tons of traditional false lashes, I’m so excited to wear these, and I know they are quickly going to become my go to.

Have you tried magnetic lashes?

Please note, I was sent these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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