Face framing: The BrowGal brow products by Tonya Crooks

I was never a brow girl up until a few years ago.

I’ve always had thick brows, even as a kid I had a little bit of a unibrow going on (I can still remember my first very brow wax appointment). Because I’ve never really had an issues with sparse brows, I didn’t think I needed brow products.  In fact, when I started this blog, I didn’t even use brow pencils (I cringe looking at those early photos).  Now, brows have become part of my everyday routine, since yes, they are still full, but the hair grows really fast so I find I have to always trim them and gel them down.  I also make sure to fill out the tops so they look even.

I have many brow palettes and pencils, some better than others, but I’m always down to try out something new. I don’t like pencils which are too stiff, same with powders. I like the product to go on nicely with a light hand, meaning that I don’t have to press down too hard, since as we all know, it’s very easy to screw up your brows.

Anyways, I recently got some new brow products from a brand I have never heard of before, The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks. So who is Tonya Crooks? I asked that same question.  Crooks is a beauty industry veteran who is now known as a brow expert to the stars. She has a whole range of different brow products, including pencils, palettes, gels, highlighters, tweezer, serum, supplements, and more.

The BrowGal brow pencil The BrowGal The Convertible

I got a collection of products from the brand to try out, including the eyebrow pencil, The Convertible Brow powder/pomade duo, eyebrow gel, and highlighter pencil.

The brow pencil, available in six different colours to suit a variety of different hair colours, this is a creamy pencil, which is sweat and water resistant, and glides right on the skin, allowing you to recreate natural-looking brow hairs. The best part about this pencil though is the lid as it has a pencil sharpener on it, which means that you’ll never have a dull brow pencil again.  I’ve never seen anything like that and think it’s totally innovative. It also features a spoolie on the other end, which is pretty standard, but always a good thing to have (some spoolies are definitely better than others).

If powder is more your jam, the Convertible Brow powder/pomade duo is a powder when used dry and a pomade when used wet. This compact is available in three shades, dark, medium and light, and each compact has a warm, neutral, and ash tone to mix and match for a perfect colour. If you’re worried about ruining the palette if you use it wet, it will actually revert back to a powder consistency, so the product doesn’t dry out.

The BrowGal gel and highlight pencil

Once your brows are filled in, you may want to add a little highlight to open up the eye area. Available in three shades, the highlighter pencils are a double-ended thick pencil that features a shimmer on one end to accent the shape of your brow, which you can also use as a glowing highlight to add to the other areas of your face, whereas the other end is a matte shade to cover hair regrowth in-between tweezing. It can also be used to accent brow shape and conceal facial imperfections.

Lastly, to finish up your brow routine, set them in place with the brow gel. Available in a clear formula, this will set your brows, holding them in place even through swimming and sweating. The formula won’t flake and gives you a medium-to-firm hold.

Swatches using The BrowGal products before and after Groomed brows using The BrowGal by Tonya Crooks brow products

Even though The BrowGal is completely new to me, I’ve totally been digging the products since they really do give me a nice set of brows. I may have a few brow products in my collection, but I believe that you can never have enough pencils, powders, highlighters, or gels!

Have you heard of The BrowGal? What are your thoughts?

Please note, I received these products from PR. All opinions are my own.

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