Jewel tones: A purple look featuring CoverGirl spring 2017 products


With a new year comes new products. CoverGirl has been a favourite brand of mine for a number of years now and I always get excited to try out the new stuff they release.

Most of these goodies were actually released last year and some of which I’ve tried before. From lip colour to brows, there is a ton of stuff from CoverGirl that I’ve been living for.


The beauty brand sent me a few different things to play around with and I was most excited about the TruBlend Jewels palette. I have the three other TruBlend palettes (Nudes, Roses, and Goldens) and love the pigmentation and variety of shades in these palettes. I have some CoverGirl single shadows from back in the day and found those to be less than stellar, however, the new formulation on these palettes are amazing. Colours are bold and creamy, and blend out amazing.

The Jewels palette features eight shades, but the best about about this product is that although there are some fun colours (purple, blue and green), the bulk of this is very wearable. The first four shades are totally all you need for a gorgeous pink look, whereas the other four are thrown in there to change it up.

Since I couldn’t wait to dive into this, I paired this palette with some other CoverGirl products that are new, including the Easy Breezy Brow Shape and Define Brow Mascara, a mousse formula that shapes and defines brows; the So Lashy BlastPRO mascara, which features a balled tip; and the Outlast All-Day Intense Colour and Gloss, a matte liquid lipstick with a gloss on the other end.

final-1 steps 1. Lay down a foundation primer, then fill in your brows. I used CoverGirl Easy Breezy Brow Brow Powder in Rich Brown, which features a silky powder formula you swipe on, then set it with the Easy Breezy Brow Brow Mascara (also in Rich Brown).

2. For the eyes, first apply a cream nude shadow or eyeshadow primer and then with a fluffy crease brush and Quartz, lightly sweep that in the crease.

3. With a flat shader brush, sweep Sunstone across the lids.

4. With a crease brush, apply Amethyst in the crease to create that wink of purple.

5. With Pearl, apply that to your brow bone to highlight.

6. To finish up the top part of the eyes, line them using a brown liquid liner like Intensify Me! Liquid Liner in  Smoked Amber, and then coat your lashes in mascara. I used So Lashy! by BlastPRO mascara.  If you wish, you can also add some falsies to up the drama (I did!).

7. For the bottom lash line, first apply a purple cream shadow as a base, then with Amethyst, line your lower lash line about half way. Apply Green Amber in the middle and then blend in Gold in the inner corners. After, apply some mascara to your bottom lashes.

8. To finish up the face, apply a purple lipstick to keep with the theme. I used the Colour side of the Outlast All-Day Intense Colour and Gloss lipstick in Rose Delight.


I love how this look turned out and it’s actually what I sported on New Years Eve. I ended up taking off the lipstick since I wanted to wear something pink on my lips instead, however, I had the toughest time trying to wipe this off. The Outlast All-Day Colour and Gloss is basically CoverGirl’s version of the matte liquid lip and this one stays glued on. I was very impressed with the colour pigmentation and upon looking online there are 12 shades to choose from, including a baby pink and nude that I have my eye on.

Overall, I was super impressed with all these products, although I have used the Brow Powder and Intensify Me! liner before (but in black). I knew the palette would be amazing, since I have the other three already.

Let me know if there are any new CoverGirl products you have your eye on!


Please note, I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.

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