Glam to ghoul: An easy deer makeup look by Make Up For Ever


Stumped on what to be for Halloween? Don’t want to invest a ton of money in a costume that’s horribly made and overpriced? Make Up For Ever’s got your back.

Every year the Parisian beauty brand comes out with some step-by-step tutorials on spooky looks you can create, all using makeup. This year, they have partnered with Sephora Canada on a Halloween campaign called… you guess it, Glam to Ghoul.

The campaign features six Halloween looks, all on Sephora Canada’s website, accompanied with a video tutorial and the list of products to achieve each look. Of course, you don’t need to use all Make Up For Ever (I didn’t), but they do have a lot of products that may be hard to find from other brands (like white lipstick). Sephora Canada is also showcasing MUFE’s pro-only special effects on their website, for a limited time only for Halloween.

The looks include an eternal goddess, a sugar┬áskull, a vampire, creature of the night, zombie, and a deer. ┬áSome are definitely easier to recreate than others, but I wanted to go with the easiest one (and also the most popular – it seems to be a blogger fave!), Darling Deer. If you are short on time, this one is so easy to create and you don’t need a lot of makeup to achieve it.


All you need for this look is a white eyeliner, black eyeliner, brown eyeliner, and bronzer. I actually layered this look overtop of my daytime look (AKA normal makeup), so if you’re in a rush to a Halloween party, this takes like 10 minutes tops.

Below are the steps I used to create this look based on what they recommended. Take a look at the video online though to see the full process.


  1. With a bronzer, darken up your contour, don’t be afraid to go in with a heavy hand!
  2. Using a white eyeliner, like Make Up For Ever Aqua XL M-16 matte white, make dots on your cheeks above the contour and going into it.
  3. With a black gel liner, colour in the tip of your nose and nostrils. I used the black colour from the Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette, but any black eyeliner will do.
  4. With the white eyeliner again, apply that all over your lid area. If you wish, you can set it with a white eyeshadow (as per the tutorial on Sephora’s site), however, I didn’t.

5. With a brown eyeliner (you can also use a black if you don’t), trace along your crease and slightly wing it out. I used Make Up For Ever Aqua XL S-50 Satiny Taupe.

6. Using a black eyeliner, like Make Up For Ever Aqua XL M-10 matte black, line your upper lash line and wing it out. From the wing, bring it down belong your lower lash line about halfway.

7. With the white eyeliner, line the lower lash line with the white so it meets up with the black.

8. With the brown eyeliner, line your lips and you’re done!


And that’s it! This look was so easy to create and turned out super cute as well. All the looks Make Up For Ever posted were so easy to do and if you’re scrapped for makeup ideas, definitely give these a try.

What are you being for Halloween this year?

Please note, this post contains product that were sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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