Lash Love: Make Up For Ever Lash Show false lashes


If there’s one thing you can never have enough of in your makeup collection, it’s false lashes.

I used to have lash extensions way back in the day, and although I still miss them sometimes (especially when I see girls with long, effortless lashes), I don’t feel too bad since you can achieve wispy lashes easily with falsies and some good mascara.

Since lashes are like, a thing now, Parisian brand Make Up For Ever recently introduced a whole line of false lashes, divided into three categories; Natural Impact, Creative Impact, and Artistic. Each lash is handmade with the highest-quality synthetic fibres and they feature weightless comfort with a super-slim flexible band. Each lash is reusable (the amount of times you can reuse it depends on how well you take care of them), and includes a gentle latex-free glue, which is safe for sensitive eyes.

I received three styles of these guys, two natural and one creative.  In this line there are natural lashes and then there are natural lashes, which as you can see from the top set in the photo (N-203), are pretty subtle.  In fact, these particular lashes would be lost in my real lashes when applied (which I haven’t done yet since they would be, for a lack of better words, a waste of time). If you have medium or long lashes as it is, I would skip the majority of the Natural Impact line since they would be way to subtle for you (and not in a good way).


N-205 (seen above) are a little better to work with since they add a little touch of oomph to what you already have going on.  If you have small lashes to begin with, then the Natural Impact line would be great for you.  I have pretty standard lashes, so both of these got lost in what I already have.  I do like N-205, but they aren’t the ones I usually reach for if I’m going to apply falsies. As for N-203, I have a feeling these would be good actually for the lower lashes, which is something I haven’t tried out yet, but with them being so short, I can’t imagine really any other way of wearing these.

I also have a pair of the more voluminous ones, C-708, which if you just look at them, look like a flurry of lashes put together.  These look a lot more dramatic in the package then applied on.  I actually didn’t mind these so much, they are really pretty with a smoky eye, but skip the liner. They were a bit heavy and not as flexible as I would have liked, but if you hold them in place while the glue dries, then you can avoid that annoying part where the lash starts to come off in the corners.

Now, about the glue.. I ended up just using either the Duo Lash Adhesive or the Kiss Lashes glue, as the Make Up For Ever glue that came with them did nothing for me. I typically find this with the prepackaged lash glue that comes with lashes anyways, so I had low expectations for it. The lashes just literally fell off my eyes after I waited for it to dry a bit before applying. I didn’t really care so much since I have lash glue, but if you are relying solely on this stuff, maybe pick up a bottle of another brand just in case.


Overall, I hate to say it since I love Make Up For Ever, but these lashes were disappointing.  At C$22 a pop, I thought they would be much better than they are.  With that being said, maybe it was just the styles I received, there’s loads more online that look absolutely gorgeous and I feel would work better than these three.

These are pricey to invest in and honestly I can think of other brands that are priced similar and much cheaper than these that work way better than the Make Up For Ever.  If you are going to invest your money into false lashes, at this price point you might as well look into spending it on mink lashes, or you can even spend a fraction of the price on real human hair lashes. I didn’t hate these and I truly think that if I tried a few more styles I would gravitate towards, I would appreciate these more.  In the meantime though, I think I’m going to keep reaching for my beloved drugstore lashes and keep these for a rainy day.

Have you tried Make Up For Ever’s new false lashes? What were your thoughts?

Please note, this post contains product that were sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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