Wickedly beautiful: Halloween nails from Broadway Nails

Title Still stumped on what you want to be this Halloween?

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays ever, but although I enjoyed the festivities more as a child (who doesn’t like getting candy from strangers), I’ll still dress up, even though I’m an adult.  I also buy my dog a Halloween costume every year as well (in fact, I’m going as my dog this year for Halloween… #crazydoglady).

Like Christmas, decorations pop up early and even though you can only technically get away with wearing a costume for a few days, Broadway Nails has a way for you to get into the spirit early (no pun intended).

Available in six different designs, their Press-On Manicure Designs are the glammest way to celebrate Halloween, even if it’s still a week away. They came out with these last year as well, and I always love sporting them in the days leading up to Halloween so I can be more into the spirit (it’s been a busy month, I just need a little reminder every time I look down that Halloween is around the corner). Some of the designs are repeats from last year, like Broomstick (the one with the spider webs) and Haunting (the medley of ghosts, candy corn, etc.), but my ultimate fave from the collection is definitely Fright Night, which has spiders, glitter, Trick or Treat motifs, and iridescent nails (which is new for 2015).

mask Designs

Each pack comes with 24 press-on nails in 12 different sizes, a prep pad and mini file and are safe on nails. Application is super easy, just find the nail that fits your natural one, remove the backing and press it on. Best part is that they stay on for up to 10 days.

I’ve used these many times in the past and Broadway Nails still continues to be my favourite press-on brand.  These ones are quite long, so I find them annoying to text, type, take out contacts, basically do anything in life with. But, they look so pretty, so I can’t complain too much (#beautybloggerproblems). Some of the designs are very Halloween, so you will definitely have to sport them before the holiday, however there are a few designs that can be worn any time of the year.  They also offer just a plain black version as part of the regular line, which are shorter (thus more versatile).

black nails

Get your claws on these fast, there’s about a week left to wear them!

Have you tried Broadway Nails? What are you doing with your nails for Halloween?

Please note, this post contains products sent by PR.  All opinions are my own.

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