Total detox: The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea collection

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So in a couple weeks I’ll be off to Vegas with two of my besties to go to EDC Las Vegas.  To prep I’ve been watching the diet (or trying to at least…), prepping the self tanner, and all around trying to get this bod Vegas ready.

Since I have some cellulite, I did some research months back on how to reduce it.  One of the remedies was green tea, so I’ve been sipping the stuff like it’s going out of style (okay, maybe not that much…), in hopes of smoothing out dem thighs.

So this leads me to today’s post.  When I saw that The Body Shop released a new collection based around green tea, I was all over it.  Obviously, it doesn’t reduce cellulite just by using the products, but I feel like bathing and smelling and ingesting the stuff isn’t too bad for my health.


The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea collection features handpicked tea leaves from the pristine Mount Fuji region of Japan. Inspired by the traditional Japanese Green Tea Ceremony, they have created a reviving detox ritual for your skin, which is infused with the power of antioxidant green tea for healthier-feeling skin.  The line consists of nine products to cleanse, detox, and moisture skin.

I received five of the products from the line: the body wash, moisturizer (it also comes in a body butter and body sorbet formula), the exfoliating soap, the exfoliator, and the eau de cologne.  Aside from the exfoliating soap (I’m more of a body wash girl), I’ve been using each product religiously.  Honestly, I can’t even think of a favourite product since I’ve used each one every shower I take (aside from the scrub since I don’t exfoliate on a daily basis).  With that being said though, the scrub is very nice because it’s a jelly texture and the exfoliating part isn’t too harsh on the skin; it’s very comfortable.


As for the scent, it’s more masculine, but fresh; different from what I usually reach for, but I’ve been layering everything together to get that nice light summer fragrance. I highly recommend this collection and even though it probably isn’t what I would reach for in store, I’m glad that I got to try it out. The Body Shop also has some sets (including a deluxe set which comes with the bath tea and bath infuser) you can purchase which will be nice to get a good mix of everything.

Will you be trying out The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea line?

Please note, this product was sent by PR.  All opinions are my own.

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