All eyes on London: Rimmel London Idol Eyes by Kate Moss mascara


Around this time last year, I was heading to London, England on the start of a two-week European vacay. For the past week or so I’ve had major Europe withdrawals, especially seeing all the Instagram pics from the various fashion weeks (London, Milan, and right now, Paris). Although it’s not the same at all, but I’ve been managing to keep the London spirit alive by playing with various cosmetics from the country.

My favourite British makeup brand?  Well, Rimmel London of course! No doubt, England gets the new releases before us North American folk (when I was there, I saw so many products that we didn’t have), but some of them are finally making their way across the pond.  New to the ballot? The new Kate Moss Idol Eyes mascara.


This mascara, housed in a silver casing with her signature in red (as seen on many other Kate Moss for Rimmel London products), was created by the supermodel herself. I thought originally this was part of their ScandalEyes line, but it doesn’t appear to be that way, according to their Canadian website.

Idol Eyes has a curved brush and is billed to feature a zero-clump volume and voluminous lift formula.  If you know Rimmel London mascaras well, this brush is a bit of deja vu, as their ScandalEyes Rockin’ Curves mascara has the same curve to it.  The thin brush tip is supposed to grab hard-to-reach inner lashes and the amplified base creates dramatic volume and curves.


I’ve been using this mascara for a few days now and I have to be honest here, it’s a let down. I’ve usually had really good luck with Rimmel mascaras, so I had high hopes for this one, however, it doesn’t really do much for my lashes.  There’s no volume, no oomph, and – sorry Kate Moss- no supermodel factor here.  Also, the brush is cool to look at, but kinda pointless. I think it would do a better job if it wasn’t curved, as I don’t really see the point of it.  Yeah, it’s different, but it doesn’t deliver.

I’m a big fan of the other Kate Moss for Rimmel products, so I’m sad this mascara was such a let down.  On the plus side, there’s like 10 ScandalEyes mascaras to choose from, as well as their popular Lash Accelerator line, so Rimmel has more than enough mascaras to make up for this one.

Have you tried Rimmel London’s Icon Eyes by Kate Moss mascara?

Please note, I was sent this product from PR. All opinions are my own.

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