A fresh start: Odacite skincare from The Detox Market


Parabens, chemicals, there’s many things that are on people’s radar today when it comes to cosmetics.  We live in a world where people want to know what is going in their products.  We like leading healthy lives, and eating right, exercising, and using the right kind of products are things that are at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds when it comes to health and wellness.

I use a lot of different skincare products from many brands.  Typically the things I buy are products you can find at drugstores and department stores or Sephora; brands everyone knows and loves.  Often, since they are so mainstream and for the mass market, they contain ingredients and chemicals that aren’t necessarily bad for you, but things that are guaranteed to improve your skin.  With that being said, who knows what the long-term effect could have on your skin or on your wellness.

I know a lot of people that swear by organic products.  They like knowing what each ingredient does, and most of all, have that ease of mind that it won’t cause you any harm in the long run.  The Detox Market, a store originally from Los Angeles with a shop in Toronto, got in touch a couple months back to introduce their products to me and show that organic products can rival even the most popular mainstream ones.

The store sent me a sample collection of their Odacite skincare line, which includes minis of their Rejuvenating Cleanser, Aloe & Immortelle Hydrating Toner Mist, Hydration Masque, Beautiful Day Moisturizer, and Ultra Effective Eye Cream.  They also sent a full-size of their popular Ac+R Acai-Rose Serum Concentrate.


Odacite was created after the founder and CEO Valerie Grandury was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. In order to heal, she felt that necessity to totally detoxify her environment and reinvent her life.  Wanting to avoid toxicity and wrinkles, she wondered how creams that are left for years in a  jar could maintain active properties.  Emboldened by her “no toxicity” philosophy, she started making her own freshly made skin care, and after years of research and challenges, Odacite, the first freshly made, 100 per cent active, 100 per cent pure skincare line was born.

I’m basically all out of my samples, aside from the eye cream, but did like the effect it left on my skin. I have pretty good skin to begin with, so I didn’t see a noticeable difference, but that’s certainly not a bad thing.  Taking a look at the ingredient list, there are tons of natural items listed.  For example, in the Aloe & Immortelle Hydrating Toner Mist, the first ingredients are leaf juice and flower water.  Usually with toner you will see alcohol listed near the top, so it’s refreshing to see something more natural.


If you are looking for a product to give you a youthful glow, try out the Acai Rose Facial Concentrate, which is a one-month serum that helps to restore the appearance of smooth, firm and ageless skin. Containing superfood Acai berry, which boasts the highest antioxidant power in the world, this berry addresses all aspects of skin aging, such as tone, texture, elasticity, wrinkles and firmness.  Also included is rose oil, which further supports the anti-aging benefits of Acai, helping to repair broken capillaries and improve circulation, ensuring proper cell oxygenation.

I ran out of this product quite fast but did like the effect it left on my skin.  You add a few drops to your moisturizer and then apply it to your face and neck.  I used it morning and night, but did find that I didn’t necessarily need a foundation primer in the morning.  Because it leaves your face slightly greasy, you don’t want to add too many products over top. I’m 26 years old, with a lot of people saying I look 22/23, so I can’t really say if it gave me a youthful glow, since I seem to have that going on already.  It is a popular product on the site though, so I would definitely check it out.

In Odacite’s skincare range, each ingredient is carefully selected to provide ultimate antioxidant activity and purity.  The liquid base of their products is fresh organic aloe vera juice, never water, and their ingredients are either certified organic or wild crated in remote areas far away from pollution. Their products are also tested on real people (in fact, their CEO first), never on animals.

The Detox Market also carries an abundance of different products and brands, not just Odacite.  You can get BB teas and makeup, you name it, and best of all, organic.  Check them out online for more info.

Is organic skincare a necessity for you?

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