A bouquet of lashes: CoverGirl Lashblast Full Lash Bloom mascara

TITLE A cult favourite has another sister coming to town.

Launching in December, CoverGirl Lashblast Full Lash Bloom mascara promises a full lash look that’s soft to the touch.  The pink brush “creates volume from root to tip and combs and coats cases evenly for full separated volume”. Different from other Lashblast versions, this one has a soft mousse formula made with natural beeswax to provide “volume that stays soft to the touch all day”.


I have tried a few versions of Lashblast, including the original and Clump Crusher, which is one of my favourite mascaras in general, so I was super pumped to try this one out.  The mascara is the same size as the other versions, but this one is housed in a pink casing with flowers on it (swoon!).  The brush is made up of short and long bristles, but not angled like Clump Crusher.


Overall, I thought this mascara was alright.  I much prefer Clump Crusher if I had to choose between that one and this one.  My lashes did feel slightly softer, however, I could still feel some mascara on them.  This mascara does give you nice lashes, but nothing show-stopping (for example, no one asked me what mascara I was wearing).

Are you excited to try out CoverGirl Lashblast Full Lash Bloom mascara?

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