A polish a day… Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar

Ciate Mini Mani Month box

The fact that I don’t celebrate Christmas means that I often can’t partake in the traditional customs that come with the holiday.  No Christmas dinners (although my dad’s birthday does fall on the 24th so we go out anyways), no festive tree, and no bright lights outside my place.

I always get so jealous every year with the super cute advent calendars filled with chocolate, and although I don’t actually need the extra calories, I just love the idea of getting a treat a day.  Well, this year, I’m gonna celebrate with the rest of you, calorie free, with Ciate’s Mini Mani Month.


This fab advent calendar is filled with 24 nail art minis from the British varnish brand.  The set includes 18 Paint Pots, two Caviar Luxe, two Caviar Pearls, one glitter, and one sequins, plus a funnel.  Each little “window” also features either a quote or inspirational message.

This is the first time I have tried Ciate polishes (I bought my bestie the sequins set last year for Christmas), and it’s a good thing that you get a polish a day because that’s about how long they last before they start to chip.  When Ciate says you can “change your polish every day of the month”, they mean it.  The colours are gorgeous and I really like how they apply, but the wear on them isn’t very good, especially the caviar and glitter (that started to come off less than a day later).  I have found that Ciate’s products are great for special occasions where you want nice nails for a few hours; definitely not the best for long wear.

Colour selection one Colour selection two Booklet

Bad stuff aside, I do actually think this calendar would be a fabulous gift as it’s literally the one that keeps giving!  You get a nail polish every day for 24 days.  Okay, they are minis, but seriously, have you ever finished an entire bottle of polish (I haven’t, unless you count base and top coat).  Ciate polishes are pretty expensive on their own, so the fact that you get 18 of them, plus six textures for accents, for C$69 (a $216 value) is a really great deal.  And, you get the novelty of the whole advent calendar thing.

Open window

Had to post this, being a magazine editor the typo on Marilyn Monroe really got to me...

Had to post this, being a magazine editor the typo on Marilyn Monroe really got to me…

Amazing Gracie with Cupids Arrow Caviar Pearls

Amazing Gracie with Cupids Arrow Caviar Pearls

Pepperminty with Twinkle Toes Glitter

Pepperminty with Twinkle Toes Glitter

If you couldn’t get your hot little hands on the Benefit Advent Calendar, this is a great alternative. Or, if you just love nail polish (like me… re: hoarder), this is a set that can’t be missed.

Will you be getting a polish a day with Ciate’s Mini Mani Month?

Please note, this set was sent by PR. All opinions are my own.

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