Everything old is new again… Trend Trunk launches in Canada, plus get a gift card!

If you are like me and go through clothes like a Kardashian marriage (sorry, had to), then you find yourself purging your closet every few months.  Usually I will just donate the clothes to charity, but there are some items that I feel like I spent way too much money on to just give away.

Enter consignment shops. I have definitely looked into the idea of reselling my clothes at consignment stores, but the process is just too much of a pain.  At the stores around me, you have to meet with the owners, and they only take certain labels, and at certain times of the year.  Plus, I find the return you get isn’t really that much (I think on average, they keep at least 40 per cent of the selling price).  I have longed for a Canadian version of Posh Mark, an app and website where anyone can post items online, sell them, and then ship them (pre-paid from the site) to their new homes.  Enter Trend Trunk.


Trend Trunk is an online consignment store for Canadians.  The site launched in the summer and is a social marketplace where you can buy, sell, and donate new and pre-loved fashion items in a super easy way.  The best part about the site is that they manage the payment and shipping; when one of your items sells, the seller receives a prepaid/preaddressed shipping label in their email, simply print, pack and ship.  Also, unlike regular consignment stores, you get 80 per cent of the purchase price (Trend Trunk keeps the other 20.. hey, they gotta make some dough too!).  Trend Trunk also offers the choice to donate up to 100 per cent of the net sale to any charity in Canada, which will garner you a tax receipt for the value (total win-win!).

Sounds sweet, right?!  So I gave it a try this weekend and posted a couple items that I have been meaning to sell but just too lazy to deal with an actual consignment store.  I was actually going to sell a couple dresses that I have had for a while (and cost me a pretty penny), but when I tried them on I decided to keep them because I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since I purchased them and they looked really great on.  I got my mom to take the photos of me modelling them and then filled out the form online.  The whole process probably took me less than half an hour (the longest was just taking the photos – my mom is useless with a DSLR).  Now I just sit back and wait for the items to sell.  And if they don’t, no biggie, it’s no loss to me because the service is free to use.

My items

Trend Trunk also has an app which is available for both Apple and Android devices, where you can browse items and see how your items are doing.  I did download the app, however, I feel like it could use some updates to it because it just doesn’t fit my screen properly…  it’s not the nicest looking app, but hey, they are working hard over there!  So much so, that if you tuned into Dragons’ Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) last Wednesday, you would have seen their founder Sean Snyder strike a deal with Mr. mean, Kevin O’Leary.  Unfortunately the deal didn’t go through after filming ended (apparently, less than 10 per cent of the deals actually get finalized), but it was great exposure for the company (I still remember watching when Team Buy was on the show and they are huge now). As a result, they are actually running a crowd funding campaign at the moment to reach $50,000.

The site is still growing, but I would certainly give it a try. It’s free to sign up and use, and who knows, you may find an item you have been coveting for a while but have found it’s too expensive to buy brand new.  Trend Trunk is also planning a service to members that have too many clothes to sell but are too busy to manage the sales process (Runway Valet), as well as creating exclusive boutiques for retailers and designers to showcase their brands (The Shoppes at Trend Trunk).

I’m so happy that there is finally an online consignment service in Canada that makes it easy for those of us who have way too many clothes and want to get rid of some of them.   I’m not calling anything on the site trash, but for a lack of a better metaphor, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Now the fun part, Trend Trunk did get in touch with me to see if I wanted to help spread the word about the site.  I am not being compensated in any way for this blog post; I was genuinely excited to find out about the site and share it with all of you. I would have signed up even if I just saw on it someone else’s blog. They were also nice enough to create a page for my readers to get a mystery gift card that you can redeem on the site.  Click the link below and enter your email address, after you will receive a Trend Trunk gift card, which has a value of up to $250.  Each card has a unique pin code that needs to be redeemed on Trend Trunk in order to find out the value.  When a card is redeemed, you can use that value towards any purchase on the site.  There isn’t a limit to the amount of gift cards that can be redeemed, however, only one gift card can be used per email address.

Click here to get your mystery gift card to Trend Trunk!

Gift card page

Let me know if you have signed up at Trend Trunk, or even if you are a seller!  I would love to see the items you want to get rid of (who knows, maybe I’ll buy them ;)).

Please note, I am working with Trend Trunk for this blog post. I am not being compensated for this post.

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