A for accessories! Three back-to-school hairstyles to make the grade


Ironically, my boyfriend — who is a teacher — took this photo.

Although I have been out of high school now for seven years (out of university for three), I have always loved the feeling of back to school time.  Although I don’t miss studying and assignments, I really miss back to school shopping, whether it’s new binders or notebooks, or new clothes (I love fall clothes!).

Although you are there to learn, I’m all about looking cute, and nothing screams more “cute” than hair accessories, whether it’s headbands or bows or flowers.  Here are three hairstyles that will get you from first period up until the bell to go home.


This one is more for the start of the school year, rather than year round (although you can sport it from May onwards) because of the flower.  I love a good fishtail braid, and they are so simple to do once you get the hang of it.  I like mine to look a little more messy, so I’ll pull some strand out and curl it for a no-fuss effect.  Pop in a flower (like this one from Goody), to spice up the look.

top bun

This next style is perfect for after gym class.  I myself usually sport this look on days where I worked out the night before and I don’t want to wash my hair.  Pull your locks into a high bun (the bigger, the better) and secure it with bobby pins.  You can achieve this with either a sock or a hair donut.  In the photo I just put my hair in a high pony and didn’t pull the ponytail out of the elastic the third time tying it.  Backcomb a few sections and then wrap it around, securing it with a bobby pin.  To add a little pizazz to the overall look, I like popping on a hairband, like this one from Goody which also doubles as a necklace.  They offer this same style in hair elastics as well, which you can wear as a bracelet.  Super cute!

hippie headband

The last style is very hipster.  Pull out your curling irons or straighteners and curl your hair, making sure the curls go away from your face.  Place in a multi-strand or braided hairband (the one in the photo is also from Goody, it also doubles as a necklace) on your head hippie style and you are good to go.  I love this hairstyle but it is a touch high maintenance as I always have to check to see if my hair isn’t pushed up too much.

And there you have it!  You’ll be getting A+ in no time ;).

Please note, some of the products mentioned in this post were sent by PR.  All opinions are my own.

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