The magic trick: It Cosmetics Tightline mascara primer

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So, you know when you try to tightline (the method of applying an eyeliner to the piece of skin between your upper lashes and eyes), and you end up squinting and messing up your entire eye look?  Okay, I’m seriously not the only one.  As much as I would love to tightline to really darken up the eyelash area, my eyes end up hating me in return (plus the face I make when I do it is soo unattractive).

Being the innovative company that they are, It Cosmetics came out with a product to help solve this problem.  Perfectly named, Tightline Full Lash Length Black Primer coats and primes eyes, and best of all, the ultra-skinny brush allows you to get right to the root of the lashes and even that dreaded tightline spot.

wand close up

Compared to a MAC makeup brush handle.  Note the size.

Compared to a MAC makeup brush handle. Note the size.

The seriously skinny wand allows you to coat every lash from root to tip.  According to It Cosmetics, most mascaras and primers only let you coat about two-thirds of each lash, leaving the base exposed.  By coating the entire lash, your lashes look longer, darker, and almost creates the illusion of wearing a liner.

bare lashes Tightline on left Mix of both final

Although this product is a primer, you can also use it as just your mascara; it leaves your lashes with a whispy effect.  Tightline, paired with your fave mascara (I used It Cosmetic’s Hello Lashes in the photo just to “keep it in the family”), makes your lashes look longer, darker, and just plain ol’ sexier.

I highly recommend this product, not only because I love primers and this one works, but because this is unlike anything I have ever seen or heard of.  The only qualm I can think of when it comes to Tightline, is that I wish the wand was on the shorter end of the tube.   The wand is actually attached to the longer end, which gets very confusing.  I feel like if the brush got dipped into the longer end (like how it is for most mascaras) then the product would last you a lot longer.

Regardless, you need this product in life. I highly recommend it.

Tightline retails for C$24 on The Shopping Channel (currently sold out – wahh!) and $29 USD for a duo pack on QVC.

Are you going to check out Tightline?  Tried it?  What were your thoughts?

Please note, I was sent this product for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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