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Topbox July 2013, contents, China Glaze, B. Kamins, BB cream

It’s the middle of July, so you know what that means… Topbox time!

I actually completely forgot about Topbox this month and then yesterday I realized that I never received a shipping confirmation for my box (they usually start shipping them the 10th of every month).  Well as luck has it, as soon as I post on their Facebook wall that I haven’t received anything, the darn box comes (in a new mailer envelope to boot!).


Here’s what I got:

  • China Glaze nail lacquer in Keeping it Teal – full size (retails for $10, although I have seen these go for much lower at Sally’s Beauty Supply)
  • B. Kamins BB Cream – 3 g (full-size 50 ml retails for $49)
  • Belvada One Moment Essentials Day Cream – 8 g (full-size 50 ml retails for $60)
  • KMS California ADDVOLUME volumizing spray – 30 ml (full-size 200 ml retails for $16.70)

Overall, this is an okay box.  I did try all the products as soon as I got it and they are just meh.  The BB Cream is actually the smallest sample I have ever seen (seriously, Sephora gives away much bigger ones if you just ask), plus for $50, I would rather stick with my beloved DiorSkin (which retails for $44).  The Essentials Day Cream is actually kind of cool because of those gold pearls in the cream are meant to be mixed in the palm of your hand until a serum is produced and then you massage it into your face and neck.  The moisturizer also contains 24K gold flakes and pearl protein so it’s very luxe.  With that being said, I wouldn’t buy it because I already enjoy my skincare routine.

bb cream others Cream

I actually really enjoyed the colour from China Glaze and was happy that it’s from their summer 2013 Sunsational collection (which is amaze by the way).  I popped it on the day after I got my box and although it’s highly dupe-able, I really enjoy the colour.  With that being said, this polish is actually the wateriest nail lacquer I own.  Seriously, I had to put on like five coats of the stuff before it was semi opaque.

As for the KMS spray, I really like the size of these because I pop them in my gym bag.  I did use the stuff on my hair yesterday, but after everything was said and done half the bottle was used up.

Overall, this box isn’t amazing (I really enjoyed last months), but it did include some good products.  I am heavily thinking about cancelling my subscription because I have so many beauty products and samples already that I really don’t need to spend $13.44 a month for more of them (I would rather put that cash towards something that I actually want).  Lawd knows I don’t need anymore nail polish or moisturizers (or perfumes for that matter).

Did you receive the July Topbox?  What were your thoughts?

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