Topbox March 2013

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After a slur of Prive boxes, I chose to pick the regular box for March’s Topbox.

Like last month, Topbox subscribers had the option to request a Prive box (with a choice of one of two Aveda boxes, a Pure + Simple box, or a Lippy Girl box) or a regular plain ol’ box.  None of the Prive boxes really appealed to me, plus I got the Lippy Girl one last month, so I thought I would just get a surprise (plus last month’s regular Topbox looked awesome, I was secretly hoping to get that Deborah Lippmann polish I missed out on).

Here’s what I got:

  • Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cream – 25 ml (200 ml retails for $42)
  • L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil – two 3 ml samples (125 ml retails for $26)
  • Marc Jacobs fragrance sampler – a pouch containing samples of Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh, and Lola.
  • MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in Pre Party Prep – full size!  Retails for $4.99

perfume Overall I really like the selection of products I got in my box.  I know I always complain about lotion and perfume samples, but I love the little pouch that the Marc Jacobs perfumes came in.  My friends also wear these scents so if I don’t want them I’ll just pass them onto them.  I also just want to say that in the monthly survey one of the questions was if I owned a Clarisonic, which I do, so I was hoping that one of the samples was for that.  Unfortunately there was nothing in my box that I could use with my Clarisonic so I’m a bit confused they asked (and a little disappointed).

Regardless, I can really see myself using everything I got.  I’ll throw the Aveda hand cream into my bag because my skin has been really dry lately, and I’ll toss the oil samples into my gym bag because I often shower at the gym.  As for the face mask, I received one of these in a previous box and absolutely loved it.  This one says that it’s perfect to wear before a night out (hence the name) as it’s a great primer for your foundation.  I don’t think I can wait that long to apply it and it will probably be long gone by the weekend.

other products

I also want to say that I’m super impressed with the delivery for this month.  My coworker (hey, Jen!) called me at lunch on Monday to say she got her Topbox and then I checked my email and saw I got a delivery notice from Canada Post saying it arrived.  I got the Topbox shipping notice hours later so that was a bit odd; apparently it shipped on March 7, but I didn’t get the email until March 11… weird.

Anyways, good job Topbox, keep up the good work!

What did you get in March’s Topbox?

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