Flirty wink: Katy Perry by Eylure lashes


When it comes to false lashes, I love the look of them, but I get quite lazy in applying them.  The ones I have were quite old so I figured it was time to upgrade.  Now, being a Katy Perry fan (I love her makeup) I thought I would give her line of lashes by Eylure a try.

The collection consists of two parts, self-adhesive ones and ones that you glue on.  I picked up two pairs of the regular ones, and one pair of the self adhesive (I actually didn’t realize they were self adhesive until after I bought them.


The lashes comes in a pretty big box that features her face and cute patterns.  Each design has a different box.

The ones I picked up are:

Oh, Honey!, which is a full false lash with a wispy effect that is perfect to wear either day or night.  This one, to me, is the most natural-looking one.

Cool Kitty, a glamourous full lash with manicured tips.

Darling, a self-adhesive lash that has a spiky effect to it, so it alternates between long and short.

There are two more in the regular line that I chose to skip out on – Sweetie Pie, which is a very natural-looking lash, and Oh, My!, which is the fullest and boldest of the bunch.  This lash is two lashes layered, I believe.

cool kitty

Cool Kitty applied.

Cool Kitty applied.

oh honey

Cool Kitty applied.

Oh, Honey! applied

darling self adhesive lashes

Green case

Darling applied.

Although I like them all, my favourite from the three I tried was Oh, Honey!  because I feel like they are the most natural looking and wispy.

All three come with a little booklet, and the two regular ones come with a sticker, as well as lash adhesive (which I haven’t tried).  The self-adhesive one comes with an additional self-adhesive band.  I did give the whole band thing a try and it was really sticky, however, I just wasn’t comfortable knowing that it could fall off after a long period of time, so I peeled the band off and just use them the old-fashioned way, with lash glue.

These are a bit pricey compared to the Ardell lashes.  I got mine in the United States, where I bought two of them at Claire’s ($8.50 each, I got a buy one, get one half off promo), and the third one at Trade Secrets for $6.99.  I believe they also sell them at Ulta.  In Canada I was told they were at Shopper’s Drug Mart, however, when I asked, the sales lady said they got them in once and they sold out right away.  I would check Claire’s in Canada if you are interested in them.

Although they are nice lashes, there isn’t really anything special about them.  If you are a huge Katy Perry fan, then maybe stock up, but if you compare these to Ardell’s, there isn’t much of a difference, other than the price.

Have you tried the Katy Perry by Eylure lashes?  What were your thoughts?

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